Rak Tamachat Permaculture Education Center in Thailand

The Joys of Returning Home,

By Beau and Steven Wiig** parental discretion is advised

One of my favorite times on the farm, harvesting of animals and having a big Thai Style party as a reward for the work in raising your own food!

Love a good pig party!

The pig was 70 kilos, or 155 pounds. That would dress out at 62% to 100 pounds of meat, at 120 Baht or 4 USD per Kilo that would be 45 Kilo x’s 4 usd = 180 Dollars’ worth of meat, plus the Thai’s don’t let anything go to waste so say 200 USD in value. Not a bad yield. There was none left after two days of cooking, so that is a lot of eating! Not to mention the joyous atmosphere and complete appreciation from all involved of the life that was sacrificed for our needs.

Is this Permaculture? Maybe Permaculture in Thailand, thai-style! Most of the foreigners at Rak Tamachat eat 90% vegetarian. The Thai’s often tell us in Thai when we say we’re full after our vegetarian food “no eat meat, no full”. They can’t even grasp the concept of not eating meat. For them, the idea of it being inhumane to kill and eat an animal is foreign. They respect the life of the animal in a way that I believe most ‘westerners’ have forgotten. Like when you go to the supermarket, often labels and images are purely of the meat, with as little connection to the actual animal that it once was as possible. We wouldn’t want to be reminded of the life that we are actually eating! Well, not at Rak Tamachat!

Here’s how it all went down…

Selecting the pig

*I must add that since the Permaculture project started until now, 8 months in, this is the conditions the pigs are in. Our future goals are to integrate the pigs and all animals to be more a part of the system, meaning more space to be free and enjoy life while their outputs benefit the farm.

Farang watching, Thai’s doing

Saving this for tomorrow..

Bamboo table and banana leaf table cover! Tamachat (Thai for natural)

Mmmm, raw liver. My favorite!

Yang making sure nothing goes to waste

Bbq time!

Everything you can’t grill get’s boiled up

Now that’s good eatin!

Victory for Yang! sorry Gravy

the Devil in disguise 😉


It’s the simple things that make life so special.