Rak Tamachat is proud to help support our Permaculture friends and good causes. We feel that all the world need is a few good Permaculturist!

Our Permaculture Friend's

More than just a charity. This is a Chosen Way of Life.

Rak Tamachat and especially Beau is very proud to present to our Community a distinguished graduate student of the Rak Tamachat Education Center and a personal friend.

Ramy Najmeddine came to Rak Tamachat with a Perma-dream and then learned some of the skills he needed to make that dream into a reality.

He left Rak with a mission and with the help of a dedicated team of like minded persons; he has worked hard to make that dream a reality.

Rak Tamachat hopes you will take the time to go to the Humanitarian Hearts Website and explore the good work they are preforming.

Learn what a little knowledge about Permaculture, a good Heart and a Desire to make a difference can do for the world.

The world only needs more Permaculturist like Ramy!

Ramy was awarded the Ambassador for Peace award from the Universal Peace Federation in 2017.

Our Permaculture Friend's

It really makes a teacher proud to see his students going so far in life. The change we need is on the way.

Our Permaculture Friend's



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