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We hope this menu will answer all the questions you may have about your Visitor & Volunteer Experience and stay with us at Rak Tamachat, Thailand.

PDC graduates will have first priority in available spaces for visiting & volunteering.


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How Volunteering Works at Rak Tamchat


Rak Tamachat works hard to keep our pricing structure as low as possible in accordance with the Permaculture Ethic of “Fair Share”.

We want to reach a large audience and not exclude students or guests through high pricing; thus limiting the Permaculture movement.

We want to make the Rak Tamachat Visiting & Volunteering Experience in Thailand available to everyone so we have created our pricing structure based on a Non Profit business model.

We operate Volunteer stays on a “fair pricing” model whereby we provide our volunteers and students with coffee/tea and 3 meals a day and you can choose your accommodation to suit your needs.

At Rak Tamachat, Thailand we cook delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals. We will always try our best to further accommodate vegan, raw food, and other dietary preferences, just let us know!

We work hard to keep the cost to our guests low while also providing some of the best home cooked and creative communal meals. Skimping on food is never done at Rak Tamachat. Food is the nourishment for the body and soul, you can not learn or work effectively on an empty stomach.

We ask you to understand that the traditional western woofing model does not work in a third world setting. We are not able to offer you the level of comfort we have as a base for our volunteers and guest and move Rak Tamachat’s social causes forward if we only offset your work for food and board.

The prevailing local wage rate is just to low and we would be taking work away for local. We also feel strongly in paying our instructors a “living wage“. The living wage is enough to allow the western teachers to live in Thailand and cover their modest daily expenses.

We have a passion for teaching and do it for the love, not the money. We operate as non profit and do this for the love of Permaculture and Social outreach to less fortunate not to get rich.

We work hard to keep the Rak Tamachat Education Center at a high level which requires minimal routine maintenance.

We construct all our sustainable building to reduce the maintenance needed to keep them in top shape.

We are fortunate to not have to bare the construction cost of Rak Tamachat thus allowing us to keep our pricing low.


***One Month Minimum Commitment is Required for Volunteering***


Please Note: We also have a Permaculturist in Residency Program for qualified persons which offsets the accommodation fees in exchange for Gardening, Cooking, Education and Managerial work duty assistance (we work to train the participants in how we run Rak Tamachat and in teacher training for their possible teaching or consulting career).


Please note the below prices are per person. Their is a one week minimum stay charge.

Shared Teak Bungalow (2 persons) 

1000 Baht per person per day (7,000 Baht / Week)

including food and communal overheads.

Monthly Discount:

Total of 20,000 Baht per Month (Discount of 8,000 Baht)


Volunteering Reservations


If you would like to make a reservation or have any questions feel free to contact us below


 We will be happy to assist you. We are looking forward to have you come stay and learn with us.

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