Elements of a Village Complex in the Humid Tropics in Permaculture

Permaculture Designers Manual




Section 10.8 – 

Elements of a Village Complex in the Humid Tropics in Permaculture



Based on traditional and modem villages, a complex can be built from the following checklist:

A well-arranged array of housing, often grouped around a compound;

The compound has processing and storage areas, threshing floors, dancing areas, meeting house, cooperative or retail store, bulk fuel depots, firewood and mulch depots;


A well, piped water, tanks or dam must be sited and integrated for clean water (depends on local skills, resources, water available and site characteristics);


A plant nursery to serve gardens and forest;


At each house, 0.25-1.0 ha of home garden and orchard, based on self-reliance;


At borders of gardens, ranges for domestic species, chickens, guinea pigs, ducks, rabbits, small pigs, pigeons; these are a manure resource for the home garden;


In areas of plentiful water, fish ponds over which some animals are housed;


Sector or zone of fuel wood plantation, potentially integrated with windbreak;


A strong yard and sheds for cattle and pigs at a commercial level;


A careful zoning or tree polyculture as per Figure 10.29;



Special facilities such as a log-trimming or boat­building area, fish net drying racks, canoe or small boat landing, wharf, freezer, solar pond installation, power house, large community drying shed, craft work areas, and vehicle or draught-animal park area;


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