Permaculture Thailand

Rak Tamachat is proud to help support our Permaculture friends and good causes. We feel that all the world need is a few good Permaculturist!


More than just a charity. This is a Chosen Way of Life.



Rak Tamachat and especially Beau is very proud to present to our Community a distinguished graduate student of the Rak Tamachat Education Center and a personal friend. Ramy Najmeddine came to Rak Tamachat with a Perma-dream and then learned some of the skills he needed to make that dream into a reality. He left Rak with a mission and with the help of a dedicated team of like-minded persons; he has worked hard to make that dream a reality. Rak Tamachat hopes you will take the time to go to the Humanitarian Hearts Website and explore the good work they are performing. Learn what a little knowledge about Permaculture, a good Heart and a Desire to make a difference can do for the world. The world only needs more Permaculturist like Ramy! Ramy was awarded the Ambassador for Peace award from the Universal Peace Federation in 2017. Univeral-Peace-Federation-Rak-Tamachat-Friends  It really makes a teacher proud to see his students going so far in life. The change we need is on the way. Humanitarian-Hearts-Carrity-Logo-Rak-Tamachat-Friend   




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