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Permaculturist in Residence Program




Rak Tamachat is proud to support graduate PDC Students from all over the world.

We offer a Resident Program which allows them a place and opportunity to practice their Permaculture skills.

The purpose of the Resident Program is to allow for a fair trade based on our “Pay it Forward” Program offered to the Rak Tamachat PDC graduates.


The following options are open to all

(Non) Rak Tamachat PDC Graduates:


Please Note:

  • A Copy of your PDC Certification must be submitted upon application or your request will not be granted.


Option 1: We offer 1/2 price PDC’s to graduates of other education centers. Submission of your PDC certification is required to receive the discount. You can then stay on after the PDC if you like, in the Resident Program for 150 USD per month (1/2 the normal Resident Program pricing of 300 USD per month).

Option 2: If you have taken your PDC and only want to be a resident then the cost per month is 300 USD, with a minimum commitment of one month. After three months the cost will be reduced to 1/2 price. Submission of your PDC certification is required to be eligible for the program.

 If you have not taken your PDC then you can apply for one Here.


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We are always looking for people with skills and talents to help grow our community.

You may be just the person we are looking for.

The program provides you with Room and Board (all inclusive),  you will have a shared stay in one of our teak bungalows.Rak-Tamachat-Teak-Bungalows


We are a full time Education Center and as such can only accept a limited number of persons for the Resident Program.

We highly recommend that you register in advance to assure your place with us.

Please note: Rak Tamachat PDC Graduates have “Paid it Forward” with their tuition and are considered as members of the Rak Tamachat Community upon graduation and receive priority placement in the Resident Program.

Pay it Forward Testimonials

Resident Program Registration


Please Note: To be eligible for the Program you need to provide a copy of your PDC certification. If you have not had your PDC please visit our courses page to sign up for one.

Residents Deev and Amy practicing Acro Play Yoga in the Gardens


Resident Deev Datta Passing on Note:

This letter is rather surprisingly long for myself as i write these words, for its content and thoughts… It took couple of days to finish. I personally feel that words can be confusing and challenging as there will always be different perspective from giver and receiver, yet it is worth a try and spread the message sharing what we think and what we like most and what makes us alive.

My stay in Rak Tamachat was rather experiential one, being a student through awareness, especially when with nature along with people who share similar thoughts and ideas. My presence to the outside world was at times like caterpillar turning to cocoon and eventually becoming butterfly (Does this mean the importance of caterpillar is less important than butterfly ?). I believe everything have important purpose, whether we like it or not….

There is always positive energy around even when our heart and mind clouded. Even when we force ourselves to empty smiles, does that mean those smiles are false ? They have their work, those smile might have opened few hearts as well. So I silently appreciate those jokes that i never paid attention and to those laughter i hardly opened my ear to….

Time moves on.. we move on… life moves on… even with or without our presence… the essence of our life lives in it…

Knowing that part of me will be always with the farm because i put my head and heart together to create something. All collective energy form volunteers, interns and students make Rak Tamachat a unique and beautiful. Many hours of collective thought, brainstorming and hands on action created beautiful environment around… even when some of the things we broke down – to create something else that is more suitable to present need….. I knew that those previous creation came from good creative energy and open heart. It is my silent appreciation to those hands and hearts. I wonder perhaps those people can feel my thoughts as they walk their life path.

We remember ourselves again when we smell flowers and open our lungs to it, eat something we grew in the kitchen garden that taste better, or simply watch shooting stars under the starry umbrella and pause for a while and understand the importance to be alive.

I pay my silent respect to those individual who came with enthusiasm and learned and shared life in the community.

The community lives with the base of individuals, without those individuals the community will perish. I believe the difference in opinion is another strong pillar in the foundation of community than weakness, it brings diversity, to think wider and deeper than what we know, what we think we know and what we might be knowing in future. It is an inspiration to accept everyone as unique yet keeping a common goal….

The farm is less than perfect, because it perhaps always perfect with new idea and growth, like any person. I searching for a farm that is self supporting where we grow most of the thing we eat, so that we are not giving encouragement to consumerism within ourselves, knowing we only need so little yet we might want so much – To ask the question again…. DO I REALLY NEED IT ? This question is fundamental for any individual as well as any community. It is important to follow walking the talk and all excuse falls apart when there is motivation and strong determination.

It is my need of a place with people with enthusiasm, self learner and people with individual interest and curiosity, learning new things and sharing, a place where we grow our own food, live with minimal support from outside world, yet keen on learning from happenings around the world. A place where there is silent respect and love towards all living and non-living being. With close proximity of playful nature.

My hearty thanks to Beau and Lin for letting me be part of Rak Tamachat community. My respect to Lin’s parents and care to little boys. I appreciate energy of my distant and close friends in Rak Tamachat, who i met only for couple of days, some seems like eternity…. to share my care and love to Bphu, Laura, Regina, Amy, for letting myself be and letting me know you a little… and in this process …. I got to know a little about myself with my unsocial skills 🙂 . Also thank Pi-Chan and his wife. My Thanks to all Permaculture friends who i shared my knowledge and who I learnt from.

Like river flows to its destination … everything else also flow, so the life of Rak Tamachat and people there… with or without my presence.

It is time for me to start another journey… and for you too…. 

Be well and be in Bliss…




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