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A Lifechanging Permacultural Educational Experience is Awaiting You:

Permaculture Thailand is proud to offer one of the Best Permaculture Internships in the world. We have worked hard to make sure we provide all our Interns’ needs to assure that their Internship is a Life Changing Experience.

We know that this once in a lifetime experience will help to shape the world by allowing for the Power of Sustainable Education the ability to take hold and grow in our Budding Permaculturist!


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Explore the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship Experience


Permaculture and Natural Building Education is the Passion that drives Rak Tamachat. We are working daily to spread the message of Permaculture. “Permaculture is Revolution disguised as Gardening”, and Rak Tamachat wants to Revolutionize Sustainable Living!

Natural Building

Our Intentional Community is the product of many loving hands, we use the materials beneath our feet to build our Natural Buildings. We teach others that they too can build their own homes without the need for mortgages. Natural Building is one of the Cornerstones of the Permaculture Lifestyle!

Food Forestry

Permaculture is all about the interblending of Perennial and Annual Agriculture, and the Permaculture Food Forest is the perfect place to learn how to find the right balance of Sun, Nutrients, Water, Maintenance, Pruning, Harvesting, Labor, etc. Saving Labor gives more Free Time!

Seed Saving

Seeds are Life, without them we cannot continue to grow our own food. At Rak Tamachat, we know that Saving Seeds, for us and the larger World Community we share our Seeds with, is one of the most Important Missions we have! If we lose our Seeds, we know we cannot fight! Save Seeds to Save Lives!


Rak Tamachat is the Home of Permaponics, as we coined the term with our Extensive Permaponic Systems. We are always pushing the edge with Aquaculture and Growing Food in Healthy Soil, and the Research in Permaponics is helping to change the way Nutritious Foods are Grown. Nutrition starts in the Soil, then Plants Grown in Good Soil, then Healthy Animals that have eaten the Plants!


We love growing and Teaching Mushrooms, and our Interns help us assure we can keep the Mushroom Course up to Rak’s Standards. Don’t worry about not knowing about Mushrooms, when you leave Rak you will be an Expert. Mushrooms have the potential to be one of the emerging food sources needed to feed our expanding world!

Animal Husbandry

Holistic Animal Husbandry is one of the Permaculture Systems that helps cycle the nutrients at Rak Tamachat. Animals have a special place in the Permaculture Farms, as they help us to take non-editable biomass – that would otherwise be a waster – and turn it into an input for them. And we get their manure for our gardens!

Organic Gardening

Food is Life, and we love spending time caring for our garden, we like to think of our Permaculture Garden as Beyond Organic as we add no Pesticides, Herbicides, Insecticides – synthetically or organically made!


One thing we love after a good day’s work in our Gardens is to relax. Working for our food and shelter is needed, but we also need time with friends, family, or alone. We love to de-stress around the fire circle, swimming in the pond, doing Yoga, exercise in the Gym or doing Meditation in the garden!

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Why does Rak Tamachat Run a Permaculture Internship Program?

  At Rak Tamachat, we are lucky to have the Guidance” of our Founders: Lin and Beau Wickboldt. They want to share their passion for Permaculture and Natural Living, as well as their home, with a large Intentional Community of Permaculturists, Students and Volunteers year round. They found their places in the world by “Sharing the Empowering Knowledge of Permaculture and Natural Building“. The learned that the world does not offer people enough opportunities to really immerse themselves in Permaculture Studies. They wish that the Rak Tamachat Institute can become a place of Sanctuary where Dedicated Learners come to live in a Permaculture Intentional Community and learn the empowering “Life Skills” of Permaculture and Natural Building. They believe that Permaculture is a Lifestyle Choice which allows people to ease into Intentional Community Living. Thus, allowing for Permaculture Internship Opportunities was a logical service for Rak Tamachat to provide.

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Who’s Eligible for the Permaculture Internship?


The Permaculture Internship is for all Graduates of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design and Natural Building Courses. Rak is also open to other PDC graduates of other Institutes, offering 25% off on PDC courses to graduates of other institutions. You can Contact Us for more info. We want to grant an opportunity for Continued Learning by providing an exchange which helps both the Permaculture Student and the Institute. We work to offer first class PDC’s and NBC’s but, first and foremost, we want our students to learn as much as they desire.


If you have not completed your Permaculture Design Course, you can sign up for our PDC here:

PDC Sign Up!

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What is included in this Permaculture Internship?

Once the Rak Tamachat Students have completed the PDC and NBC, they can move into the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship, which offsets their Interning through Rak Tamachat’s Green Job Program.   Rak Tamachat is in Partnership with the Sustainable Agriculture Institute which provides online Permaculture Design Courses and well as Natural Building and Sustainability Courses. As a partner, we can offer you the Rak Tamachat oMPC which will allow you to continue your Permaculture Learning in more depth while Interning with Rak Tamachat during your Permaculture Internship. The Permaculture Design Internship is conceived to enable you to achieve 1/3 of the credit hours for your Permaculture Design Diploma during your stay with Rak Tamachat. Once you complete your Natural Building and Permaculture Design Courses, you become an Intern for the next 28 days, allowing you the time to perfect your skills during your Permaculture in Practice sessions. You will also be shown everything it takes to run Rak Tamachat as an Intentional Permaculture Community and Education Institute. After completing their Permaculture Internships, some of our Interns choose to stay at Rak Tamachat for another four months and complete their Permaculture Design Diploma. You also have the opportunity to get a Green Job, a paying position on which we work for a living wage (Wage Subsidies) as we operate the Institute as a non-profit Permaculture Institute.  

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Courses Included in the Permaculture Internship

Please Note: All Courses listed below come with a Certificate of Completion

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Why Not Take Our Free Permaculture Design Course Introduction!

We love being able to offer to the world something that’s Truly Free! The Sustainable Agriculture Institute and Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute have offered to the world two complete Chapters of the Permaculture: A Designers Manual – as taught on our Physical Permaculture Design Courses – for Free in the Online Permaculture Design Course Introduction. Also, feel free to share this amazing opportunity with those who may not be able to take a PDC due to poor circumstances. We think everyone has the right to know about Permaculture!

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What is expected of me in the Permaculture Internship?


The Rak Tamachat Internship Program offers full experiential immersion in Permaculture and Natural Building, with hands-on building, farming and Permaculture Community Living.

As a participant in the Permaculture Internship, you will directly Represent a Permaculture Educational Institute, Farm and Intentional Community centered around education, united in service, and dedicated to the restoration of human and environmental health.

We are interested in hard-working, self-motivated / starters, organized, flexible individuals with a strong desire to serve the land, the Permaculture Community and themselves. We ask that Permaculture Interns arrive ready and willing to participate in all aspects of the farm and Permaculture Community life.

Our Permaculture mission is to empower individuals with the tools and understanding of Permaculture which will allow them to become inspired and activated leaders for positive change.

While there is no guarantee on what you will take away from this Permaculture Experience, we recognize that those most actively engaged in participation receive the greatest returns.

What we do expect of a Permaculturalist – As a graduate student of Permaculture Design, you are expected to uphold the Ethical Intentions of Permaculture. We need to remember that Permaculture is first and foremost a Sustainable Design Science that gives up the tools to make a positive change in the world’s degraded environments. You will be looked up to as a Graduate Student and Intern, and as such are expected to help guide new students in their Permaculture Journey. We, as a Permaculture Community, are all here to help each other further our learnings of the world.


If you cannot say YES to the below, please don’t apply:

  • I want to learn more about how to change my life with Permaculture.
  • I will work to make the change I want to see a reality.
  • I will be dedicated to my task and “Be on Time“.
  • I will take responsibility for myself and my duties.
  • I can live without Drugs in my life to help make a change.

If you are ready to get stuck in and learn REAL Permaculture Skills, and are a Doer – not a Talker, then we are the place for you!

Why such a Hard Line above?

We want to make sure we are getting what we like to call the “Cream of the Crop“.

If you think you have what it takes to make a change, then, by all means, take the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Challenge and apply below.

Table of Contents

16 Reasons to Choose the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship

  Rak Tamachat is ranked as one of the Foremost Permaculture Research and Education Institutes, Intentional Ecovillage Community and Broad-Scale Permaculture Farms in the World. We take Our Permaculture Practice Seriously! Our Permaculture Community is comprised of 13 full-time Residents, and hosts Sustainable Education Courses on a Monthly Basis, making us one of the rare Full-Time Permaculture Institutes.

We have listed below 16 reasons why you should consider taking the Rak Tamachat Internship :


– Build Your Future –

1. Study the Main Key Disciplines of Natural Building

Through its Natural Building Course, Rak Tamachat offers you a unique chance to experience the most effective techniques in Natural Building: learn all you need to know about Traditional Adobe brickmaking, Super Adobe Earthbags, Compressed Earth Bricks (C.E.B’s), plastering with Adobe and stucco, as well as laying foundation slabs. 

2. Get the Skills and Knowledge to Build your Dream House

Through its Natural Building Course, Rak Tamachat gives you the opportunity not only to learn about the techniques used to build a natural home but also to experience them hands-on. Plus, you will be taught by Beau, a retired engineer, to which you can ask all the questions you were never able to get an answer to!

3. Learn from Experienced Educators

During your Permaculture Internship, you will be learning from Beau Wickboldt, one of the world leading Permaculture Educators and Design Consultants. After having spent more than 15 years as an engineer and technical consultant, he retired and decided to open Rak Tamachat with his multi-talented wife, Lin, who not only is an amazing chef, but also has an intimate knowledge of local plants and became an expert in seed-saving and homesteading techniques. Let’s not forget Pee Chan: from being a machine in the Garden to leading the building of our wonderful Natural Buildings: learning from a True Thai Farmer is what learning in Thailand is all about!

4. Access to Rak Tamachat’s Reference Library

By taking your Permaculture Internship at Rak Tamachat, our Permaculture Education Institute will grant you access to its numeric Reference Library, which contains over 60 GB of Permaculture and Natural Building material. From books to movies, as well as articles, audiobooks, and master plans: all the knowledge you need is just a few clicks away!

– Grow Your Future –

5. Study the 14 Chapters of the Designers’ Manual

At Rak Tamachat, we strongly believe that Permaculture is first and foremost a Design Science. Its principles have been outlined in great details by Bill Mollison through the 14 Chapters of the reference book Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, which many consider being the “Bible of permaculturalists“. By taking our PDC, you will have the opportunity to take a deep-dive in a universe of science-based natural knowledge, and get the most out of the life-changing material these great 14 chapters contain.

6. Train with Hands-on Practical Lessons

During the PDC, all morning sessions are dedicated to hands-on practical lessons. You get to learn the theory and put it in practice right away: compost, biochar, designer soil creation, bio-fertilizers, vermiculture, plant propagation, seed saving, swales & levels… you will learn all the tools and techniques you need to be a Professional Permaculturist and a master organic gardener!

7. Bonus Modules: Mushrooms and Permaponics

With our Mushroom module, learn each step in the Mushroom Cultivation Process with the easy to follow step by step process guided by Beau. The Complex World of Fungi comes to life, and will give you the skills to make healthy food for your family or the Farmers Market! The Permaponics Module will show you how it utilizes the power of Aquaculture with the symbiosis integration of the Soil Food Web, to create a 100% Organic and Mineralized growing environment, assuring your family’s Foods are Healthy and Mineralized.

8. Apply your Skills

Exclusive to the Internship program, the 5-weeks Permaculture in Practice will give you the opportunity to put your newly acquired skills to the test! Accompanied by one of our experienced educators, you will spend 3 hours in the garden each morning: planting trees, saving seeds, taking care of seedlings, harvesting fruits and vegetables, applying compost or bio-fertilizers, putting up trellises, doing some landscaping, tilling the orchard, feeding the goats and the cows… With its 75 hectares of land, Rak Tamachat has enough land to keep you busy and educated!

– Experience –

9. Two Months Experience in a Real Education Institute

As an Intern, you will not only take courses, help with meal preparation, work on natural building projects and in the garden, you will also be shown everything it takes to run Rak Tamachat as an Intentional Permaculture Community and Education Institute. You will experience first hand the organization and management of a genuine Permaculture Education Institute that has been training permaculturalists from all over the world for more than 10 years.

10. Communal Living

Committing to a Permaculture Internship at Rak Tamachat means intentionally choosing to live for two months as part of a vibrant community. You will experience what it means to live communally, and we hope it will help you make a decision that is going to impact the rest of your life, as we did. We chose to live in an Intentional Community because we know our Communal Actions can help to make a difference. We chose to share our Knowledge of Permaculture and Sustainability to make Positive Changes which help the Ecology of our Mother Gaia.

11. Homesteading Workshops

We love making our own products at Rak Tamachat, and we will show you how to become more autonomous by mastering the crafts of Cheesemaking, Soapmaking, Tea Roasting, Sprout Growing, Tofu Making, Toothpaste Making, and Food Dehydration. From time to time, we also make wine, jams, Kimchi, bread, and other delicious foods. Homesteading skills help us to live a more frugal life: by reducing our consumption, we reduce our need to earn! Learning to take care of yourself and your family with Homesteading skills leads to Freedom!

12. Thai Cooking & Immersive Cultural Experience

Living in an Intentional Community requires helping out with the Cooking, but that is a pleasing at Rak Tamachat where Khun Lin, our Resident Thai Chef, teaches everyone the Art of Thai Cooking. Cooking is about communion, about sharing, and there is no better way to learn about a culture than through its food. Not only will you learn about Thai cooking, but you will have the opportunity to learn about Thai culture and language because we love to share food just as much as we love to share our lifestyle!

– Quality Lifestyle –

13. Private Teak Bungalows & Tropical Showers

As an Intern, you will be housed in your own private teak bungalow, fully equipped with bedding, mattress, mosquito net, fan, and power outlets. You will relish daydreaming on your balcony, contemplating the natural pond or jungle orchard. You will also enjoy our Tropical Showers, allowing you to clean up in style. When you are learning by getting your hands dirty, there is nothing better than taking a shower in one of our “Thai Style” Open Air showers and Natural Toilets. Getting back to Nature and reconnecting with the elements is what Life is all about. Permaculture Asian Style!

14. Special Meal Nights

At Rak Tamachat, every meal prepared by Khun Lin or Khun Dear’ is a delight. And it gets especially delightful when they organize Special Meal Nights during the PDC course. Since you will be an intern, you will have the pleasure of experiencing them multiple times! On the menu: Hot Pot (Cambodian Barbecue), Thai Noodle Soup, Burger Night, Western Barbecue, and our students’ favorite: Pizza Night. Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian or an omnivore, we can assure you: you will feast, not fast!

15. Amazing Facilities

Rak Tamachat is one of the rare Permaculture Education Center that strives to continuously upgrade and improve its facilities. From the Communal sala where we meet, cook, share our meals and relax, to the gym/yoga sala, the pond where we go for a swim after a hot day at work, the fire pit where we bond, play some music and chill at night… There are plenty of spaces to enjoy and be inspired by! And with its Thai-style classroom, open-air nursery, worm farm, seed room, cow house, goat house, and Natural Building area, Rak Tamachat provides quality facilities to ease one’s learning experience.

16. High-Speed Fiber Internet

Thailand is one of the most and best-connected countries on the planet. Even in a remote rural region of the country, you can get wifi almost everywhere. Rak Tamachat is no exception: we are now connected to the Internet through Fiber which allows our students, interns, and residents to go online at high-speed and connect with anyone on the planet, thanks to our 5G network! 

Table of Contents

When is the Permaculture Internship Running?


The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship starts every month with the start of our Natural Building Course. You will take the NBC and the PDC, and then immediately move into your Permaculture Internship. If you desire and fit in with the Community, you can then undertake the Permaculture Design Diploma.


2019 Course Dates for Respective Internship Positions

Please Note: Rak Tamachat only accepts a few Internships per month, so sign up soon as places fill fast!


  • May 8th
  • June 5th
  • July 3rd
  • August 7th
  • September 4th
  • October 2nd
  • November 6th
  • December 4th

The above dates indicate your arrival day at the farm, your Internship program effectively starting on the next morning.

The first night and dinner are included in the cost of the Internship.

Table of Contents

Cost of the Permaculture Internship Program


The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Internship is designed (as all good Permaculture Ideas) to be a minimal cash investment endeavor. We want to be able to offer our Internship at minimum cost but have to assure that we do not lose money. We know that your valuable help as an Intern with the Permaculture Community is worth more than we could pay for.

We can offer to repay your help by returning some of your course fees through our Green Job Program.

As to be fair to our local employees, we calculate the green job rate based on the average Thai worker’s salary, which is 8 USD for 8-hours worked per day (1 USD per hour worked).

During your internship, you will have the opportunity to perfect your permaculture skills in our gardens for four, eight or twelve weeks (84, 168 or 252 hours). Since these hours will be spent improving both your talents and our farm’s capacities, we will pay you back for those hours worked.

Monies to be Returned via Green Jobs Program:

Combined Course + One Month Internship: 84 hours x’s 1 USD = 84 USD

Combined Course + Two Months Internship: 168 hours x’s 1 USD = 168 USD

Combined Course + Three Months Internship: 252 hours x’s 1 USD = 252 USD


Food and Board Pricing Schedules:

  1. Food and Communal Overheads – 10 USD per day
  2. Private Bungalow (Single Occupant) – 10 USD per day
  3. Private Bungalow (Shared Occupancy) – 10 USD per day / 2 persons = 5 USD per day per person


If you have any questions concerning the cost of the Permaculture Internship, you can always Contact Us to discuss.

We always try our best to operate in a Full Transparency in accordance with the Ethics of Permaculture and our Non-Profit Stance.




Option 1 – Combined Course + 1 Month Internship

14 Days Combined Course + 28 Days Internship = 42 Days

Option 2 – Combined Course + 2 Months Internship

14 Days Combined Course + 56 Days Internship = 70Days

Option 3 – Combined Course + 3 Months Internship

14 Days Combined Course + 84 Days Internship = 98 Days



Cost Summary


Option 1 – Combined Course + 1 Month Internship (42 Days Total) with Private Bungalow Accommodation 

A + B – C = Total Cost

(A) Course Fees: 950 USD

Combined Permaculture Design & Natural Building Course – 950 USD

(B) Room and Board: 560 USD (All-Inclusive)

Private Bungalow, Food, and Communal Overheads at 20 USD per day x’s 28 days = 560 USD

(C) Less Green Jobs Program: 84 USD

1 USD x’s 84 hours = 84 USD

Permaculture Design Internship

Total Cost = 1,425 USD all-inclusive

(33.92 USD per day)


Option 2 – Combined Course + 2 Months Internship (70 Days Total) with Private Bungalow Accommodation 

A + B – C = Total Cost

(A) Course Fees: 950 USD

Combined Permaculture Design & Natural Building Course – 950 USD

(B) Room and Board: 1,120 USD (All-Inclusive)

Private Bungalow, Food, and Communal Overheads at 20 USD per day x’s 56 days = 1,120 USD

(C) Less Green Jobs Program: 168 USD

1 USD x’s 168 hours = 168 USD

Permaculture Design Internship

Total Cost = 1,900 USD all-inclusive

(27.14 USD per day)


Option 3 – Combined Course + 3 Months Internship (98 Days Total) with Private Bungalow Accommodation 

A + B – C = Total Cost

(A) Course Fees: 950 USD

Combined Permaculture Design & Natural Building Course – 950 USD

(B) Room and Board: 1,680 USD (All-Inclusive)

Private Bungalow, Food, and Communal Overheads at 20 USD per day x’s 84 days = 1,680 USD

(C) Less Green Jobs Program: 252 USD

1 USD x’s 252 hours = 252 USD

Permaculture Design Internship

Total Cost = 2,375 USD all-inclusive

(24.23 USD per day)



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A Lifechanging Permacultural Educational Experience is Awaiting You: