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Welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course Master Planning Series Curriculum Overview. We will go through all the aspects of Permaculture Design Science that will be taught to you on your Permaculture Design Course Online. The Online Permaculture Master Planning Series will teach you the Step-by-Set Permaculture Master Planning Process used by Professional Permaculture Designers.

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Online Permaculture Course Master Planning Series Components

The Permaculture Master Planning Design Series is one of the Key Disciplines taught in the Online Permaculture Design Course.

As such, you will be guided through the Permaculture Design Master Planning Process by Beau Wickboldt, one of the leading Permaculture Master Planners practicing and teaching Permaculture Design.

Beau has designed the Step-by-Step Permaculture Design Master Planning Process to assure that his students have the knowledge and tools to make World-class Permaculture Master Plans.

The Permaculture Master Planning Desing Process allows you to take your Permaculture Dreams and make them into a reality. As Beau says “A Perma-dream without a Permaculture Master Plan is just a Wish“. 

Learn how to turn your DREAMS TO REALITY, with a Professional Permaculture Master Plan today!

Eight Design Principles

Beau will guide you through the Detailed Understanding and Application of the Eight Permaculture Design Principles, as outlined in Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual. Learning to use these principles lays the foundation for your Permaculture Master Planning. Beau likes to say he “works to bring Professional Permaculture Design back to Permaculture“.  The eight principles of Permaculture Design can help to save the World!

Design Process

Permaculture is foremost a Design Science and the Subject of Permaculture is Design. The Permaculture Design Course online teaches you all the Design Theory, Design Strategies and Implementation Strategies you will need to make the Permaculture Farm of your Dreams! The Permaculture Design Step-by-step Design Process will guide you through your design and you will be able to create a world-class Permaculture Master Plan.

Design Sequence

Permaculture Design follows a Specific Sequence of Design Steps that work to assure that you are able to integrate all the Permaculture Design Ethics and Principles of Design into you Permaculture Master Plan. You will be guided through the Permaculture Design Process in an easy to follow Step-by-Step Design Process, which will allow you to create a Professional Permaculture Design Master Plan.

Step-by-Step Design

The Step-by-Step Permaculture Design Process was designed by Beau to teach his students how a logical plan of action will Assure their Success as Permaculture Designers. Beau shares the Permaculture Step-by-Step Design Process that he uses on his own Design Consultancy and teaches in detail in the Advanced Permaculture Consultants Course as part of the Permaculture Diploma Program.

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