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Welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course Perma-ponics Application Series Curriculum Overview. You will learn how to make and build Perma-ponics Systems including the following: Indoor Perma-ponics Systems, Outdoor Perma-ponics Systems, Commerical Perma-ponics Systems, and Natural Pools. The Perma-ponics Application Series will give you the skills to create water saving and nutrient recycling growing systems at any scale. Learn about the future of Sustainable Agriculture Today!

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Online Permaculture Course Perma-ponics Applications Practical Series Components

Beau coined the word Perma-ponics (first to use on Google), the concept of using earth in a wicking bed system is not new, however, Chinampas is a type of Mesoamerican agriculture which used small, rectangular areas of fertile arable land to grow crops on the shallow lake beds in the Valley of Mexico.

Beau has created a growing system which he likes to also refer to as modified or modern Chinampas. The use of plastics to hold water and piping and pumps makes the application of a modern Perm-ponics system more of an active system then the passive wicking bed style used in Mexico with Chinampas.

The new way of creating basically the same function allows the application of Perma-ponics to a wider field. Perma-ponics systems can now be developed on any scale and grown in any region of the world. The ability to reduce the water usage and nutrient loss due to through-flow of water to the subsoil creates a superior growing system then we see in current commercial chemical-based agricultural systems.

That’s right Perma-ponics is fully Organic as we work with “The Soil Food Web” to assure that the plants have a complete nutrient profile.

Perma-ponics, as practiced at Rak Tamachat, utilizes the following nutrient cycles to assure the Organic Nutrient quality of our Perma-ponically grown crops:

The Soil Food Wed, Compost, Worm Casting, Biochars, Weed-teas, Bio-ferts, Worm-teas, Aqua-culture

Indoor Systems

Learn how to create an Indoor Permaponics System. You will be guided through all the components and reasoning behind the proper design and installation of an indoor Perma-ponics Grow Bed and Aquaculture Growing System.

Outdoor Systems

You will learn how to design, set-up, and maintain an Outdoor Permaponic System. You will learn the main differences between the indoor and outdoor Permaponics Sytems and how to work with each repective Perma-ponics System.

Commercial Systems

You will learn all about the Rak Tamachat Commercial Permaponics System. The commercial-scale application of Permaponics is sure to be a game-changer in the production of Nutritionally Assured Foods. Organic Food Production at Scale.

Natural Swimming Pools

Learn how to Design and Build a Natural Swimming Pool utilizing the incorporation of Permaponic Grow Beds into the system. The incorporation of Permaponics in Natural Pools turns food production into a leisure activity.

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