Online Permaculture Design Course Bonus Mushroom Cultivation Series Curriculum

Welcome to the Online Permaculture Design Course – Bonus Mushroom Cultivation Series Curriculum Overview. You will be taught the Step-by-Step Mushroom Cultivation Process. The Online Mushroom Cultivation Course will teach you all the step to become a successful Mushroom Cultivator, you will learn Tissue Cloning to Harvesting just like a Professional Mushroom Cultivator.

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Online Permaculture Course Bonus Mushroom Cultivation Series

The Online Mushroom Cultivation Course will give you all the Skills you need to begin cultivating Mushrooms for your family, friends or even as a Home-scale Commercial Mushroom Grower. Beau has been Growing, Consulting and Teaching Mushroom Cultivation for over 10 Years and loves the chance to share the world of Mushrooms with others, so they can find their Passion with Mushroom Cultivation.

Beau found a real passion for the cultivation of Mushrooms due to the ability to teach the impoverished how to Transform Farm Waste to a Valuable Protein Rich Product. The ability for the developing world’s farmers to learn how to grow nutritious Mushrooms to Help Stop Chronic Malnutrition that plagues much of the Third World is a driver in Beau’s desire to teach Mushrooms. But, lets never forget that we also get to eat them!

Beau’s expertise on Mushroom Cultivation is really showcased as he brings you through the Step-by-Step Mushroom Cultivation Process like he was consulting to one of his commercial mushroom growers. The art in Mushroom Cultivation is knowing where contamination is likely to come from. Beau will guide you through all the Steps to Growing Mushrooms and also teach you where contamination is likely to come from, how to identify it and also how to work to Assure Your Mushroom Cultivation Process is Free of Contamination.

Learn the Art of Mushroom Cultivation today! Like Beau says, “Mushrooms are one of the tools the Permaculturist uses to Change the World“!

Potato Dextrose Agar

Step 1 – You will learn the process of how to make P.D.A., (Potato Dextrose Agar) which is used to host a tissue culture for the cultivation of Mushrooms.

Sterilization of PDA

Step 2 – You will learn the correct Temperatures and Pressure for the Centralization of PDA and how to set-up and operate an Autoclave Sterilizer / Pressure Cooker.

Tissue Cloning Mushrooms

Step 3 – You will be taught how to tissue clone a Mushroom for cultivation. How to prepare and work in a still air glove box, and the proper way to tissue clone a mushroom.

Spore Propagation

Step 4 – Learn how to make a Spore Print from a Mushroom Cap. Learn how to then transfer the Spore Print Spores to a PDA Culture for the Cultivation of Mushrooms.

Cloning Mother Cultures

Step 5 – You will learn how to clone a mother culture from your first tissue clone or spore culture a secondary sub-culture. Allowing for the preservation of your mother culture

Preparing Grain for Spawn

Step 6 – You will learn how to prepare grain for Grain Spawn. Learn the process of preparation, cooking, drying and bottling sterilization for inoculation.

Sterilization of Grain

Step 7 – You will learn how to sterilize grain spawn for inoculation from your subcultures. The Grain Spawn will be used for the Inoculation of the Substrate Growing Bags.

Inoculating Grain Spawn

Step 8 – You will learn how to properly Innoculate your Grain Spawn with your prepared sub-cultures; then learn when to use and how to identify any contamination issues.

Preparing Substrate

Step 9 – You will learn how to prepare you Mushroom Growing Substrate. The correct recipe to assure that all your Mushrooms required Nutrients are present for Healthy Mushrooms.

Sterilization of Substrate

Step 10 – You will learn how to sterilize your Mushroom Substrate Grow Bags to assure that you do not have any contamination issues when you transfer your grain spawn for culturing.

Inoculation of Substrate

Step 11 – You will learn how to Innoculate your Mushroom Substrate with the prepared Mushroom Grain Spawn. Learn how to prevent and identify any contamination issues.

Culturing Grow Bags

Step 12 – You will learn how to properly store and monitor the culture of your Mushroom Substrate Bags. Learn how to stack and transport the bags and any contaminations issues.

Preparing the Grow House

Step 13 – Learn how to properly set-up and maintain a Mushroom Grow House. Learn how to create a proper growing environment with temperature, light, humidity, ventilation.

Grow-out of Mushrooms

Step 14 – Learn how to take care of your Mushrooms once they are in your grow house. Learn how to properly monitor and water your Mushrooms, assuring a quality product without contamination.

Harvesting of Mushrooms

Step 15 – Learn how to properly harvest your Mushroom and how to make sure that your Mushroom Grow Bags are in the right condition to assure the maximum biological efficiency.

Bonus – Mushroom Tofu!

Learn how to make the world famous Rak Tamachat Mushroom Tofu. A wonderful blend of mushroom protein creating a nutrient-packed healthy alternative to meat protein.

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