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Rak Tamachat is the amazing home of a diverse group of Permaculturist from around the world.

Our home is located in beautiful Thailand, in the heart of Issan and Asia. We get to share our lives with the local Thai community while strengthening our global Permaculture community. The Natural Living Education Center is located in the center of a broad scale rice and corn farm in the midst of transitioning to a Polyculture Permaculture Designed Garden of Edan. We work hard every day to make that dream a reality, but we need to do the work in the gardens and fields and also have the facilities to make sure our Holistic Communal Development is also fulfilled. We have put many long hours of thought, planning, meeting, designing and construction work into making  Rak Tamachat Our Home and a truly relaxing environment after a long days work. We provide all the basic needs to make our lifestyle a reality. We welcome you to explore all that make Our Home amazing. We are always working to improve our environment both in terms of our gardens and our housing. “Our lifestyle choices and our beliefs become a reality through the buildings we create” – Beau Founder and Lead Educator

The Main Sala – Our Intentional Communities Living Area

Kitchen – We grow food and we like to cook it.  That’s what we do.  It is part of our lifestyle.  The large Communal Kitchen is where people express their culinary expertise.  It is great to have people show off their talent by creating delicious dishes from their home county.  Everyone takes part in some aspect of preparing meals whether it is wandering the gardens for ingredients, prepping food, making sauces, cooking at the stoves, setting the table, or cleaning up at the end. Living Room/Party Floor/Stage – We have a large, multi-purpose area in the Sala that functions as a place for shows, live music, or a big dance floor. Pizza oven – The adobe, wood-burning Pizza Oven takes center stage when we fire it up for a night of culinary creativity as everyone gets involved in the build-your-own pizza making process.  The event is always accompanied by fun and laughter that carries on late into the night. Barbeque – We occasionally have a barbeque at Rak Tamachat as we are an integrated farm and humanely raise livestock for consumption. We respect the dietary choices of vegetarians and grill sweet corn from our garden when in season and vegetable shish-kabobs as well.  In addition to having a traditional, western barbeque, you will find a rocket stove, a Thai, clay barbeque, and a smoker.  The shining star of our barbeque collection is a Thai traditional, double-burner rocket stove that was rescued from a second-hand salvage yard. Rak the Seed Bar – The Seed Bar is constructed from 100-year-old teak wood that came from a torn down Thai house. We use this space to store and collect seeds from our farm so that we can continue to plant organic crops year after year, and encourage this type of planting as we’ve freed ourselves of the GMO nightmare cycle many unfortunate farmers struggle with today. Fresco Dining – Enjoy Thai fusion, buffet-style cuisine from our Communal Kitchen.  Eat outside, relax with friends, and soak up the ambiance as the birds and dragonflies zip by traveling on the cool breeze from the pond, natural living at its best, the way we were meant to eat.  The Al Fresco Dining Area is a unique, comfortable seating area.  The tables are made from reclaimed teak wood.  All of the benches and chairs are made from bamboo and have Thai cushions.  The understory ceiling is constructed from reclaimed, rusted, corrugated metal. Library – The library is a place to sneak away and relax.  Either cruise the Internet and check your emails or explore our selection of books.  Our library contains a vast collection of not only permaculture books but includes a plethora of books on various topics such as; tropical plants, traveling, gardening, yoga, personal interests, classic novels, hobbies like winemaking, practical skills like tying knots, and photography.  The list goes on and on and we encourage you to contribute a book of your choice to cultivate our library and make it grow. Lounge/Art Studio: Cozy up with a glass of homemade wine, or local beer in our sala’s lounge. Complete with a comfy couch, floor pillows, tons of art supplies, canvases, materials, and funky antique wall hangings, it’s a perfect den to chill out with friends after a long day’s hard work and release your creative side. The Classroom – The place where we hold direct instruction about the concepts and techniques that you will later learn in action by doing.  The classroom is comfortable, well ventilated by a cool breeze that blows in as the air crosses over the Big Pond.  When there is no wind, the classroom is cooled down by ample wall fans.  Large Thai-style, cushioned bamboo benches ring the central point of instruction so you can get comfortable and learn in a casual, relaxing manner. The Bungalows -The fourteen double occupancy or private stay bungalows that are located adjacent to a large pond and they are surrounded by a heavy planting of a variety of native trees which is the beginning of a Thai jungle forest restoration project.  They are constructed from 50-year-old reclaimed teak wood from traditional Thai houses. The sad popularity of concrete construction in Thailand is creating an aftermarket for the old teak wood.  Teak is remarkable in its durability as it’s naturally rot, fungi and insect resistant. These resistances do decrease as the wood ages but with care to minimize the exposure of the wood to those forces we can expect it to last another 50 years. All of the bungalows have a balcony. The bungalows feel good to be inside. It’s like being hugged by the forest.  They come equipped with two twin mattresses and mosquito nets. They all have fans and power outlets for charging electronics. A Bali-inspired Bathroom with showers is situated at the Northern end of Bungalow Row.  It has a black water septic that is connected to a grey water reed bed. It is a great example of a natural water treatment system. Bungalows SOP Stillframe-001

Student Testimonials

Jake and Beth took our Combined PDC and Natural Building Course and made a nice short film about their time at Rak.