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We understanding your Natural Building Course is Life Changing Event, so we are always happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to hear from you. 

Rak on!

The Rak Tamachat Community

Natural Building Thailand, Asia 

Rak Tamachat welcomes you to the Natural Home Building Course


Rak Tamachat Natural Building Thailand Education Team has worked hard to design our Combined Natural Home Building Course to bring together all the Key Disciplines of Adobe Natural Building under one Amazing Natural Building Course.

Rak Tamachat believes the standard Natural Home Building Course is a good introduction to Adobe Natural Building, but in order to make Natural Building with Adobe come alive and utilize the tools it teaches, we have combined all the Traditional Adobe Natural Building Techniques with Modern Super Adobe to let you learn and choose which Method is best for your future Natural Home Building .

We are ready to teach you the skills to create the amazing and dynamic Permaculture farm of your dreams with a Natural Home Building, the wealth of knowledge that Rak Tamachat gives you will allow you to start on a new path with Natural Building, and the rest of your LIFE!

Check out the below list of Natural Building Course Offering dates:


Please note: Rak Tamachat Natural Building Courses fill up fast due to early booking and the 15 student limit per course!

What you get for this All Inclusive Price:

  • Class sizes limited to 15 students (sign up soon as we fill up fast);
  • Rak Tamachat 4 day Adobe Natural Building Course and certificate of completion included;
  • Private Bungalow accommodation included;
  • Three Communal meals per day, plus snacks, teas, coffees all included;
  • Free High-speed ADSL Internet Access included;
  • Access to the Rak Tamachat Reference Library included (over 60 gigs of Permaculture and Natural Building);
  • The course cost includes first nights stay before the first course day and the last night after the last course day.

Registration and Deposit Process:

We ask for a 100 USD deposit to be made by Pal Pal, you can pay using other currencies and Paypal will convert the exchange rates

Terms and Conditions

Note 1: Space is limited for this unique course. Early registration is recommended. If you cancel two or more weeks before the course your deposit will be refunded, less 20% for the cost of the fees for Pay Pal. If you cancel less than the two weeks we will allow you to use the deposit for any future course less the 20% pay pal charges.

Note 2: The outstanding cost of the course less the deposit made must be paid on the first day of the course. Anyone unable to pay for the course at the farm on the first day will not be able to take part in the course.  We accept payments for the balance of your course cost in cash (Thai Baht).  As a second method of payment, you can pay your balance with PayPal.  However, please note that if you choose to pay the balance by PayPal you will have an additional cost of 5% to cover the transaction fee, which is an additional cost applied by PayPal which Rak Tamachat has no control over.  We recommend that you come to the farm with cash (Thai Baht). The easiest way is to exchange money is at the Airport. Please note that the closest ATM to the farm is in Sikhiu, a 30 minute ride with a motorbike taxi. If you arrive at the farm without money (Thai Baht) and cannot make a PayPal transfer you will have to pay for the return ride to Sikhiu which is 300 Baht each way. Also note that some banks will not allow you to withdrawal large amounts on your ATM card.

Honestly, save a little money and come to the farm with cash (Thai Baht) which you exchange at the airport.  It is truly the easiest way to pay.

Videos of our Natural Building Course

Natural Building Course (NBC) Curriculum Navigator

Traditional Adobe Techniques

Learn to use Earth beneath your feet to build Beautiful, Natural and Non-toxic homes. You can build your Natural Building Home and stay out of debt, which shackls so many to the consumer systems.

Super Adobe Earth Bag

Learn how to make Stabilized Earth and to utilize the earth bag/tube technique to make structural building or domes. Stabilized earth is a good choice for Natural Building in areas with, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, etc.

Compressed Earth Blocks CEB's

Learn how to make Compressed Earth Blocks using a small village scale system. It allows for a standardized brick to be made. This new Natural Building system makes the process of constructing a Natural Home easy.

Plastering with Adobe

Learning to use your hands and small trowels to apply a protective coating to your adobe and super adobe walls. Learn how to get the smooth finish and color you want. Three coats to a smooth finish. Working clay with your hands is meditation.

Plastering with Stucco

Learn all the steps to apply Stucco Plastering for internal and external walls: get your mix right, test for moisture, apply stick coat, first coat, second coat, final coat and final touches.

Laying Foundations

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The Rak Tamachat “Pay it Forward” Program


As a graduate student of the Rak Tamachat Permaculture Design Course, you will become a member of Rak Tamachat’s Intentional Permaculture Community.

As such, you will receive the right to return to sit in on a 2nd Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at 1/2 Price or return at a later date to see your works thriving with our Residency Program.

We love when our old friends return to help out! It’s like seeing long lost friends, and with Permaculture and Natural Building, it’s all about our relationships with people and nature.


Agatha’s Testimonial on her “Pay it Forward” Experience

Rak Tamachat Student Testimonials

Meet the Rak Tamachat Natural Building Education Team


Our Natural Building Educators are professionals in their fields and fully certified to run Permaculture design and Natural Building courses in an engaging and informative manner.

All of our Natural Building Educator Interns have their NBC’s and been practicing Natural Building for a few years and have the desire to put what they have learned to use at Rak Tamachat and also share it with our Natural Building students.

This is what makes Natural Building such a strong and inspiring movement and Rak Tamachat a special Natural Building Education Center.

Rak Tamachat is also extremely lucky to have our local Thai Natural Building Educators who share their vast knowledge of Tropical Natural building and the overall Thai Lifestyle.

Natural Building with Registered Engineer Beau Wickboldt

Beau is the Rak Tamachat Resident Engineer and Natural Builder, he is also the founder of Rak Tamachat were he lives full time with his Thai family.

Beau’s knows that ultimately family is why we do Natural Building. He believes we can work to make the world the better place we want, and that Natural Building offers all the tools you need to make the life we want.

He has a passion for all things related to Natural Building and works every day to share his Natural Building Talents with others.

After answering everyone’s questions he can be found teaching, sharing, mentoring or working on the Natural Building site. He also has a fetish for planting trees, over 16,000 so far at Rak.

He is fondly refereed to as the Head Hippie in Charge 🙂 Sharing is caring and Beau Loves to share a beer and discuss the world, after a good day of work on the Natural building site!

Natural Building with Ajarn Pee Chan

We are lucky to have Ajarn (Thai for Teacher) Pee Chan on the Rak Team. He is the most well rounded Permaculturist we have.

He can truly do it all! From being a machine in the Garden to leading the building of our wonderful Natural Buildings.

And all the while having the best smile and attitude.

Sneaking off to have some authentic Thai cooking, learning to harvest your own food, process free range poultry and season it with local herbs and cooking it over a fire you made yourself.

Learning from a True Thai Farmer is what learning in Thailand is all about!

Thai’s still have not lost the knowledge to build their own homes with their hands.

Come and learn what makes Thai Natural Building so popular from one of the best Natural Builders around.

Natural Building Course Schedule and Curriculum


At Rak Tamachat we take our Natural Building Education Center Experience seriously, as such we have a detailed course schedule and curriculum.

While learning to build Natural is a Skill, having fun doing it is an Art Form. We make work into play and you will leave wondering why work is described as hard!

Natural Building Course Arrival Day


The Natural Building Course is held over 4 days. The arrival day is not counted as a course teaching day. Most of our students arrive after lunch on the arrival day. This allows them to check-in and complete registration. Get settled into their Bungalow. Take a shower or swim in the pond and be refreshed for dinner.

Please note that the first day of the course begins on day one at 8:00 AM.

Please do not arrive any later than 6:00 pm on the arrival day as dinner is served at 7:00 pm.

Check out our Directions Page to see how easy it easy to get to Rak Tamachat.


Natural Building Course Thailand Asia schedule

Please note:

Rak Tamachat reserves the right to change the schedule’s order to adapt to seasonal variations,

materials and staff availability, or students’ needs.

 Nevertheless, be assured that all lesson contents mentioned in the above schedule will be covered. 

Natural Building Course Departure Day


Departure is between 8:00 and 11:00 am. Or you could also stay and take part in our Permaculture Design Course PDC.

It’s a great addition to a Natural Building Course, you can learn more about our Combined Natural Building and PDC and even save some money booking together.

Explore the key features of the Rak Tamachat – Permaculture Thailand, Asia Experience!!!

Our Farm

75 acres of Perennial Permaculture , we have planted over 10,000 trees for food and timber making Rak Tamachat a true Garden of Eden. 

Our Home

The Education Center was designed to provide our students with world class standards so as to make their learning with us a truly remarkable experience. 

Small Scale intensive and Broad Scale Transitional Agricultural Systems

Rak Tamachat is proud to have a fully integrated Permaculture Master Plan that we use as a guide for what we teach in our course. We don’t just teach but live out our teachings everyday on our site. 

Experiential Learning - Getting your hands dirty!

Experiential Hands on Learning is the best way to make sure you learn any given skill and it’s more FUN!

Communal Cooking

We love cooking and eating the food we raised together, it is what Permaculture is all about. Harvest, Save seed, plant it, cook it, compost it! Life’s Easy.

Thai Cultural Integration Activities

Don’t come all the way to Thailand, Asia to take your Natural Building Course and miss out on the wonderful Thai Culture, they don’t call it the land of smiles for nothing!!!

You have to Love the Natural Building facilities at Rak Tamachat

The Natural Building – Teak Bungalows

The Natural Building – Toilets & Showers

The Natural Building – Communal Sala

Lin’s Communal Kitchen

The Natural Building Classroom

The Rak Tamachat Gardens and Food Forest

How Can I Apply Natural Building to My Life?

Our Natural Building Course is designed and focused on teaching the skills necessary for you to make a the Natural Building Home of your dreams.

We strive to teach you how to build the whole home not just make the walls!

We teach the concepts and techniques of the whole home from the foundations, structural supports, walls, doors and windows, and roofs.

After completing your Combined Natural Building Course, If you want to gain some serious skills and experience, Rak Tamachat offers a Permaculturist in Residence Program.

What should I bring?

Please check out our what to bring page.

What can you do to prepare for the course?

This course is intended for:

1) The beginner – who may have just heard about Permaculture for the first time, as well as for;

2) Those with some experience, who may be practicing Permaculture already, but are interested in learning the theoretical framework behind it. You are not expected to have any specific knowledge or skills upon arrival. We encourage you to dive into our Pre Course Info Pack.

We do think it is helpful to start thinking about ecological systems, and Permaculture design in advance. Read!  Find a book about design, organic gardening, integrated systems, ecology, solution- based exploration of our world’s problems, etc.

Any of these subjects will provide you with some context prior to the lessons of the course. Or, if you have a specific piece of property or ecological area that you are primarily interested in applying Permaculture principals to, sit and observe it, map it, read about it, and talk to others who are working in similar environments. Then, bring that information with you to the course.

We may be able to use it for a design project.

Your Course – A Life Changing Decision!

  Before you make a life changing decision about where and who to take your course with please read the following list of:

“What you should consider when choosing a course”

Make sure you know what you’re going to get for your hard-earned money. An informed choice is always the best choice.

Permaculture teaches the Principles of Good Design and doing your homework. Researching the facts is what Good Design and Good Permaculture is all about.

Start right on your Permaculture path by selecting the best course for you!

Who are the lead educators for the course, whats thier experience with Permaculture and how are they supported?
Rak Tamachat has a passionate group of Experienced Lead Educators supported by a dedicated team of Permaculture Educator Resident Interns who help to Facilitate and co-teach portions of the courses.

We feel this way of teaching helps to provide a more well rounded diverse course and allows our course graduates to gain teaching experience while being mentored by an experienced lead teacher.

How does the Education Center Facilitate their courses?
Facilitation of the courses is one of the unseen but most important aspects of making sure the course runs smoothly.

Creating and maintaining a welcoming and loving environment with trust is where the Rak Tamachat Resident Interns really shine.

The Resident Interns are the Rak that rolls the Education Center wheels.

We really could not do it without them and achieve the high level Rak Tamachat strives for.

What is the classroom like and maximum class size?
Rak Tamachat’s Main Classroom is simply amazing.

It has fully reclined bamboo seating with Thai cushions so you can lay back and relax while learning. The classroom is laid out in stadium seating perspective and can fit a maximum of 18 students luxuriously.

We feel 15 students is the upper limit for providing a good student teacher ratio and delivering a student centered approach to learning. We have to also allow for places for our returning students on the “Pay It Forward Program“.

We feel this allows the teacher and all the students to get the valuable face time together needed to transfer knowledge and maintain a more personal teacher student relationship so essential in learning.

What accommodation is provided in the course price?
At Rak Tamachat we understand the “value of a good night sleep” and we are consciously focused on providing a high standard of natural living for our students and residents. People don’t call us a “Permasort” for nothing

Rak Tamachat’s courses included a stay in one of our Teak Bungalows. Our bungalows are situated in a beautiful forest garden setting, on the edge of a pond, nestled under bamboo stands bordering our fruit orchard.

In the tropics hygiene is important. We have designed full functional, “Bali Style” open air toilets and showers.

There are Bird’s of Paradise right in the shower!!

On Rak Tamachat’s Tree of Life you can see one of the key Permaculture Principles on is integrate not segregate.

When you come to stay at Rak Tamachat you will live in the same bungalows that our Residents stay in as well.

You can choose to upgrade to a private bungalow should you wish or stay in one of our or your own tent.

Does the course include field trips?
Rak Tamachat understands the value of seeing what we teach being done in the real world.

We take an amazing cultural fields trip to show you what the Thai Culture is all about.

Does the Education Center provide students with a curriculum and schedule?
At Rak Tamachat we understand the need to maintain a structured, well planned and professional course that is clear, concise and conducive to learning. At Rak Tamachat we provide students with a detailed PDC Course Syllabus, Master Plan Design Portfolio and Permaculture Tool Box.

What teaching styles do the Educators employ to facilitate learning?
At Rak Tamachat we engage our students in an adult oriented, interactively based curriculum, open forum learning environment.

Our Main Classroom and Outdoor Hands on Practical Classrooms are equipped to give the best education possible in an relaxed environment.

We are never short on space, tools, or equipment and our founder prides himself on his large “toolbox“.

Without tools design is just a dream. Rak Tamachat makes dreams a reality!

Does the Education Center have or utilize a Permaculture Master Plan?
Rak Tamachat utilizes a Permaculture Master Plan to oversee our short and long term farming plans and actions.

The plan allows us to plan for and reflect on what we hold to be the corner stones of what is necessary for the farm to be a healthy environment for us to live, provide for the lifestyle we need to flourish and allow for the return on our work to keep us economically viable.

The Master Plan is a living document and as such is constantly referred to, revised, updated, and added to as we learn and grow with the integrated farming operations here at Rak Tamachat.

We hope by putting our work out to the world for their review and use that we are “Paying Forward” the help that we received.

Feel free to copy whatever can help you in your farming endeavors, nothing would make us more happy than to help another farmer succeed in Permaculture and Sustainable Integrated Farming. Check out our Master Plan Here

What materials are provided to the students before, during and after the course?
During the course we provide our students with Permaculture Toolkits to build up their Permaculture Tool Box.

As they say, a plumber without tools is juts a fat man with a large crack bent over your sink; and a Permaculturist without tools is just a Tool.

You will be given access to copy to your hard-drive our complete “Rak Tamachat Tool Box” located on Rak Tamachat’s server.

This will give you all the information and further study materials for your “budding” Permaculture career.

What is the farm / Education Center like for the hands on practical sessions and does the course actually have practicals?
Rak Tamachat is a very hands on, experiential learning training center.

We are lucky to have the ecological and physical infrastructure of a well designed training site allowing us to demonstrate and participate in the principles taught in all our courses.

We’re able to take first hand knowledge and experience and apply it to project based practicals that fit within a real Vision and Permaculture Master Plan.

At Rak Tamachat you will participate and co-evolve in projects that contribute to the overall development of Rak Tamachat’s Living Organic Permacultutre Master Plan.

We don’t like demonstrations for the sake of demonstrations.

We value resources and practice profitable Permaculture by re-investing our yields.

We value your labor and make it count towards something real.

Does your Permaculture Education Center allow you to copy their Permaculture Database?
Rak Tamachat believes in open source and free share. We have a database with a plethora of Permaculture Materials – books, documentaries, podcasts, articles, pictures, research papers etc.

We reccomend bringing a portable hard disk with at least a Terabyte if you want it all.

We want to share with you and give you all the resources so you can continue learning after graduating from Rak Tamachat.

Are fruit snacks / coffee inclusive in the course cost?
Yes. Is there any other way?

We also have a Rak Mart (Rak means Love in Thai), which we sell non communal items you may not be able to live without – mosquito repellent, natural shampoo and soaps, Thai snacks, etc……

Will there be internet access?
At Rak Tamachat we understand the need to interact online with friends and family while abroad and value the ability to access the internet.

We have full and reliably fast (ADSL) free wifi capabilities in our communal Sala.

You can skype home anytime you want. We don’t mind.

Does the Education Center cater to dietary needs?
Our lifestyle values diversity and personal choices and our kitchen reflects this.

We have Raw-food, vegetarian, vegans and gluten-intolerant people as guests all the time; we strive to accommodate food sensitivities, however you should inform us about your dietary needs and we may advise that you bring specialty snacks as we live far away from any major cities and we may not have access to certain food items.

Are there areas that provide for a diverse social atmosphere?
The residents of Rak Tamachat enjoy our lifestyle.

We work hard to create a variety of areas to relax, socialize, swim, meditate, do yoga, exercise, go for a walk, enjoy a sunset or hang out with the locals.

We also understand that personal space and privacy is important at times and therefore we have placed throughout the property bamboo huts to allow you a place to get away and be on your own.

Did we mention we have 75 acres to wander around?

Is their a holistic lifestyle?
We actively accept interns that want to embody a Holistic Natural Lifestyle.

We appreciate diversity and regularly have interns that practice yoga, meditation, song and dance, drumming, guitar, tarot cards, voodoo, community check ins and open empathetic discussion.

In short Rak Tamachat is designed and built for people to practice their own personal pathways towards  a holistic lifestyle withing a supportive community without undue external social pressures.

If you want to learn to live free without judgement, we would love to welcome you into our community.