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Permaculture Asia Scholarships and Grants


Rak Tamachat Permaculture Asia Thailand affords its Higher Education students (Permaculture Diploma and Permaculture Masters programs) the opportunity to apply for a 10% to 20% rebate through Scholarships and Grants programs detailed below.


Making Education Affordable for All is making Education Accessible by All!

World-Changer Scholarships


Beau here, founder of Rak Tamachat.

I just wanted to share with you my Passion for transmitting Permaculture Knowledge to the world. To that effect, I want to offer you an Amazing Opportunity to receive varying levels of Scholarships for the hard work that I hope you will do in your Local Community.

I want to share one of the fondest memories of my youth. I was made to perform community service by my Catholic High School. I chose to go to the local St Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen and Volunteer my time. While, at first, I did it to fulfill my quota of assigned hours, I soon learned that I liked helping others, and cooking too! I kept helping out the Food Bank for years and still deeply value what I learned there.

I now live full time in the Rak Tamachat Intentional Community and I still love when I can cook for others, especially when I can go into our Permaculture Garden and Harvest Nutritious foods.

But I now want to help by allowing you the opportunity to help others!  I truly hope, other than the Financial Aid it will afford you, that our scholarship will allow you to help your local Community and, hopefully, fulfill your lifelong passion for community aid.

I call the Scholarship the “World-Changer Scholarship“, as I want to Pay It Forward for the push that I had into helping and putting others’ needs before mine. I want to give this special gift to you. It is worth more then the monetary value the scholarship holds, as you will treasure these experiences for the rest of your life. I believe that Permaculture and Volunteerism have the power to change the World. Take the World-Changers Challenge!


How to receive the World-Changer Scholarship

You only need to volunteer your time in order to receive cash rebates on your Permaculture Diploma Course.


Cash Rebate Level

  1. 20 Hours Served – 10% off Course Fees
  2. 40 Hours Served – 20% off Course Fees


How to Claim Rebates

  • You will need to download the below PDF letter to your chosen volunteer organization and have it signed by the Volunteer Director of the Organization.
  • Once you have your hours signed-off, take a picture of you and the Director in the front of the Organization.
  • Submit the signed letter and your picture to Rak Tamachat for Review and Approval, and you will receive your discount code by email, which you can use to discount your Course Fees.

It’s that easy: give of yourself to your local community and save money on your studies. I wish we could give more but, since we operate as a non-profit, we cannot do more and still cover our operating expenses.

Download Your World-Changer Scholarship Application Form

Download the World-Changer Scholarship Application Form, follow the document’s instructions, and submit it with your photo at the bottom of this page to receive your coupon code and claim your rebate!

Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Student Grants

The cost of getting a Top Notch Education is becoming a setback to most of the middle to lower income classes. Those are exactly the people that represent the future of Sustainability. The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute and the Sustainable Agriculture Institute both believe that the cost of an education should be tied more to the cost of the provision of such education, and not to the cost of fancy facilities.

One of the founders of S.A.I. has expressed his feelings, and that of the Institution, in a Manifesto entitled “The Future of Online Education“.

The Manifesto explores the realities of education, comparing the differences between an online education and one in a brick and mortar physical education.

While it will take the rich and upper classes a while to come around to the realization that the access to a good education is no longer tied to the ability to pay large sums of money, the online access to the information of Sustainability is being offered at affordable rates.

One does no longer need to worry about burdening oneself with student loans in order to receive a great education in Sustainability.

The Rak Tamachat Permaculture Foundation has been endowed by the Wickboldt Family to be able to assure the future of Sustainable Education through the award of grants.


Right Livelihood Grants – 10% Reduction of Program Costs

  • Service Profession Grants: These grants are offered to people working in a service profession supporting community development, such as NGO professions, agricltural professions, education, nursing, fire department, police department, public sanitation, military or national guard. Proof of active employment is needed to apply. In the case of ended military service, proof of honorable discharge is needed.
  • Special submissions: If you feel that your livelihood is worthy of a Right Livelihood Grant, please send a submission and it will be reviewed by the SAI Board of Governors.

Higher Needs Grants – 20% Reduction of Program Costs

  • Developing Countries Financial Aid Grants: These grants are awarded to people residing in countries with lower Human Development Index. We support grants for people coming from the least favored 149 countries of the developing world. You can inquire about your country’s HDI here. Citizens of the first 40 most developed countries are NOT eligible to those grants.
  • Disability Grants: These grants are based on the needs of certain individuals with limiting conditions. This type of aid is a key part of the Sustainable Agriculture Institutes Educational Vision and Mission. Valid proof of Disability required for acceptance.
  • Senior Citizen Grants: These grants are available to senior citizens aged 60 years old or more. Proof of age is needed (passport or national ID card).
  • Special submissions: If you feel that your livelihood is worthy of a Higher Needs Grant, please send a submission and it will be reviewed by the SAI Board of Governors.



The Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Agenda

People: End Poverty and Hunger in all forms, and Ensure Dignity and Equality.

Prosperity: Ensure Prosperous and Fulfilling Lives in Harmony with Nature.

Peace: Foster Peaceful, Just, and Inclusive Societies.

Partnership: Implement the Agenda through a Solid Global Partnership.

Plant: Protect Our Planet’s Natural Resources and Climate for Future Generations.


How to Apply for one of the Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Grants

To apply to the Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Grants, you will need to provide:

  • A presentation letter supporting your application for a grant
  • One of the required supporting documents listed below corresponding to the grant you wish to apply for

Required Documents

  • Service Profession Grants: Proof of active employment. In the case of ended military service, proof of honorable discharge is needed.
  • Developing Countries Financial Aid Grants: A copy of the first page of your passport.
  • Disability Grants: Official Proof of Disability.
  • Senior Citizen Grants: Proof of age – passport or national ID card.
  • Special submissions: Any official documentation that you feel could support your claim for a Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Grant.


Once you have prepared the necessary documentation to support your grant application, fill the form in the following section.

Scholarships and Grants Application Form

Fill the following form with your information, add the appropriate documents and send it to receive your scholarship or grant.


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List of Required Documents for Grants and Scholarships (by Program):

- World-Changer Scholarship:
Document 1 World-Changer Scholarship Application
Document 2: Photo with your Volunteer Director at Volunteer Center

- Service Profession Grant:
Proof of active employment (in the case of ended military service, proof of honorable discharge is needed)

- Developing Countries Financial Aid Grants:
A copy of the first page of your passport

- Disability Grants:
Official Proof of Disability

- Senior Citizen Grants:
Proof of age – passport or national ID card

- Special submissions:
Any official documentation that you feel could support your claim for a Rak Tamachat Sustainable Development Foundation’s Grant

Upload Document(s) Supporting your Application (required):

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