Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes – Section 3 – Thai Salads

Module 2 – Thai Dishes

Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes

Section 3 – Thai Salads


Koi_pla  Koi pla


Northeast Minced or finely chopped raw fish in spicy salad dressing.

It is a popular raw fish dish in Isan and a common source of infection with Opisthorchis viverrini (Southeast Asian liver fluke).


Lap_mu_isan  Lap Isan


Northeast – Northeastern style lap is a spicy and sour salad of minced raw or cooked meat (mainly pork, chicken or duck), shallots or onions, lime juice, fish sauce, chillies, ground roasted rice and mint.

1024px-Lap_khua_mu  Lap Lanna


North Northern – Thai lap is completely different from lap from northeastern Thailand.

Northern Thai lap is made by mixing raw or cooked minced meat (mainly pork, beef, chicken or fish) with an elaborate mix of dry spices and herbs.

The northern Thai lap does not contain lime juice or fish sauce.

The version in the image is lap khua, meaning that the meat has been fried.

1280px-Lap_nuea_dip  Lap nuea dip


North – A northern Thai lap-style salad of sliced raw beef (the version in the image also shows slices of raw beef tripe) and ground, dried spices.






Moo_nam_tok  Mu nam tok


Northeast – A very spicy salad made with pork (mu) and somewhat identical to lap, except that the meat is cut into thin strips rather than minced.




1024px-Naem_khluk_1  Naem khluk


Naem sausage (pork fermented with sticky rice) is mixed with boiled rice and then deep-fried.

The salad is made by crumbling the deep-fried balls and mixing in sliced shallots, dried chillies, fish sauce and lime juice.

It is served with raw vegetables and herbs.





800px-Nuea_yang_nam_tok  Nuea yang nam tok


Northeast With a similar “dressing” as larb, this dish is made with sliced grilled beef.

Nam tok” means “waterfall” in Thai and it is thought that the meat juices should run out from the meat like a waterfall.


800px-Phla_kung  Phla kung


A spicy salad of prawns, sliced lemongrass, culantro and/or other herbs, and shallots, with a dressing of lime juice, sweet chilli paste (Nam phrik phao – optional), fish sauce, pounded garlic and bird’s eye chili.

The version shown in the image also contained minced pork.


1280px-Phla_mu  Phla mu


A spicy salad of sliced grilled pork, sliced lemongrass, mint, culantro (optional) and shallots, with a dressing of lime juice, sweet chilli paste (Nam phrik phao – optional), fish sauce, pounded garlic and bird’s eye chili.


1024px-Phla_nuea_makhuea_on  Phla nuea makhuea on


A Thai salad made with medium rare beef and Thai aubergines.

The sliced, raw eggplants are mixed in with the warm beef to soften them (makhuea on means “soft aubergine“).

This particular version of the salad was served with a nam tok-style dressing.


1024px-Sa_nuea_sadung_Lap_Lung_Noi  Sa nuea sadung


North – A northern Thai speciality, made with medium rare, thinly sliced beef.

Other ingredients for this dish are the elaborate phrik lap Lanna spices-and-chilli mix, onions, some broth, and fresh herbs such as kraphao (holy basil) or phak phai (Vietnamese coriander) although this particular version was made using saranae (spearmint).

This particular version also contained nam phia, the partially digested contents from the first of the four stomachs of cattle, for added flavour.





1920px-Som_tam_khai_khem  Som tam khai khem


A variation of the standard papaya som tam with salted eggs.





1280px-2013_Tam_Lao  Som tam pla ra


Northeast Regarded as the original som tam, this version of green papaya salad contains pla ra (a sauce of fermented fish), and very often also brined rice paddy crabs, and makok (the fruit of the Spondias mombin) besides the usual ingredients for som tam.

It does not however contain peanuts. It is also known as som tam Lao or, for short, as just tam Lao after the Lao people of Laos and of the Isan region of Thailand.




1024px-Som_tam_pu  Som tam pu


Green papaya salad with brined rice paddy crabs.


Som_tam_thai  Som tam Thai


Thai papaya salad

Central – Som tam Thai with peanuts, dried shrimp and palm sugar, is the central Thai variant of green papaya salad.




Tam_khanun  Tam khanun


North A spicy Northern Thai salad made with boiled green whole jackfruit which has been mashed with a mortar and pestle, and minced pork. It is normally eaten with sticky rice and (as seen on the image) with khaep mu (pork cracklings).




1920px-Tam_makhuea  Tam makhuea


North Chopped and then pounded grilled long green eggplant (makhuea yao; Thai: มะเขือยาว), grilled green chillies, raw garlic and salt put in a banana leaf package mixed together with hard-boiled egg.

It’s a speciality of Northern Thailand where it is traditionally eaten with sticky rice.

1280px-Tam_mamuang_pla_haeng_thot  Tam mamuang


A som tam style salad with tangy unripe mango “au Julienne” as its main ingredient.

The version in the image contains pla haeng thot, deep-fried sun-dried anchovies.


1024px-Tam_maphrao_on_sen_mi_krop_01  Tam maphrao on sen mi krop


A som tam style salad made with the meat of a young coconut and served with crispy deep-fried thin Chinese rice noodles.


Tam_mu_yo  Tam mu yo


A spicy Thai salad made with mu yo, a Thai pork sausage which is often also described in Thailand as “Vietnamese sausage“.

The dressing is somewhat similar to that of som tam.





Tam phonlamai ruam


The fruits used in this particular salad show the fusion aspect of Thai cuisine, as it incorporates “modern” (for Thais) fruit such as apples and grapes besides traditional fruit such as pineapple and guava.

The dressing is made with pounded garlic, sugar, chillies, dried shrimp, lime juice and fish sauce, and is similar to that of som tam.


1280px-Tam_som-o_nam_pu  Tam som o nam pu


North It is a spicy pomelo salad which uses crab extract as a flavouring.

This black sauce is achieved by pounding pu na (“ricefield crabs“, Somanniathelphusa) to a pulp, straining the juices which are then boiled and reduced until the sauce becomes as thick as molasses.




maxresdefault  Yam


Thai salad

A general name for many types of sour Thai salads.

The main ingredient can be vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood and even noodles, which can be raw, cooked, grilled, fried or deep-fried.

The basic recipe for the dressing consists of sliced shallots or onion, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar, bird’s eye chillies, tomato and Chinese celery (khuen chai).


1024px-Yam_bai_cha  Yam bai cha


A spicy Thai salad made with young, fresh tea leaves.


1024px-Yam_hu_mu  Yam hu mu


Made with thinly sliced, boiled pig’s ears, the version in the image also contained fresh mint, lime juice, shallots, lemon grass, fish sauce and sugar.


1024px-Yam_huapli_thot_02  Yam hua pli thot


A spicy Thai “yam“-style salad with deep-fried slices of banana blossom as its main ingredient.


1024px-Yam_hoi_khraeng  Yam hoi khraeng


A spicy Thai salad made with blood cockles.


Yam_khai_dao  Yam khai dao


A spicy Thai salad made with fried egg (khai dao).

Yam_khamin_khao_kung  Yam khamin khao kung


A spicy Thai salad made with finely sliced (au Julienne) “white curcuma” (probably Curcuma zedoaria), shredded coconut, cooked prawns, sliced shallots, dried chillies, fresh green bird’s eye chillies, roasted cashew nuts, and crispy fried onion rings.




Yam_kun_chiang  Yam kun chiang


A Thai salad made with a sweet dried pork sausage called kun chiang.

This sausage is of Chinese origin.

This dish is often eaten with plain rice congee (khao tom kui; Thai: ข้าวต้มกุ๊ย).



Yam_mu_krop  Yam mu krop


A Thai salad made with crispy belly pork (mu krop).


Yam_mu_yo  Yam mu yo


A spicy yam-style Thai salad with mu yo (Vietnamese sausage).


Yam_mu_yo_thot_khai_dao  Yam mu yo thot khai dao


A spicy Thai salad made with crispy fried mu yo (Vietnamese sausage) and khai dao (fried egg).





Yam_naem  Yam naem sot


A Thai salad containing sausage made from fermented raw pork and sticky rice (naem sausage).


Yam_no_mai  Yam no mai


A Northern Thai salad made with strips of boiled bamboo shoots, shallots, herbs, fish sauce, lime juice, and chillies.


1024px-Yam_no_mai_sai_nam_pu  Yam no mai sai nam pu


A northern Thai salad made with boiled bamboo shoots and a thick paste made from the rice paddy crabs.


800px-Yam_nuea_yang  Yam nuea yang


Thai grilled beef salad

A spicy salad of grilled beef, shallots and Thai celery or spearmint.


800px-Yam_phak_khut  Yam phak khut


A salad of edible fern shoots (Diplazium esculentum) and pork.


Yum_pladook_foo  Yam pla duk fu


Exploded” catfish salad

Crispy fried shredded pla duk (catfish) served with a spicy and tangy green mango salad.


Yam_pla_khem  Yam pla khem


A Thai salad (yam) made with fried sun-dried salted fish (pla khem).

1024px-Yam_plathu  Yam pla thu


Made with short mackerel (pla thu).

1280px-Yam_sanat  Yam sanat


North A northern Thai “salad” of roughly chopped, blanched vegetables that are then refried with a chilli paste.

It is served here together with northern Thai pork cracklings and deep-fried, sun-dried chillies.






800px-Yam_som-o  Yam som o


A salad made with pomelo.

The other ingredients are: sliced red bird’s eye chillies, deep-fried sun-dried anchovies, roasted peanuts, fish sauce and tamarind juice.


800px-Yam_takhrai_kung_sot  Yam takhrai kung sot


A spicy “yam-style” salad with finely sliced raw lemongrass and prawns.


Yam_thale  Yam thale


A spicy salad with mixed seafood (cuttlefish, shelled prawns, mussels), shallots, lime juice, fish sauce and Thai celery.


1920px-Yam_thua_phu  Yam thua phu


A Thai salad with winged beans, salted eggs, toasted coconut, shallots, fish sauce, lime juice and chillies.

The version in this image also contains squid.


800px-Yam_wun_sen  Yam wun sen


Thai glass noodle salad

A spicy salad with glass noodles (cellophane noodles), minced chicken or pork and often either mixed seafood, squid or prawns. Cloud ear fungus also often features in this dish.