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Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes – Section 1 – Thai Curries

Module 2 – Thai Dishes

Lesson 4 – Shared Thai Dishes

Section 1 – Thai Curries


Chin hum.jpgChin hum


It is a slowly stewed meat curry from northern Thailand.

This particular version is made with beef.







Image result for Chuchi pla kaphongChuchi pla kaphong

ฉู่ฉี่ ปลากะพง

Central A semi-dry red curry with fried Snapper.






Chuchi pla thu sot.jpgChuchi pla thu sot


 South A semi-dry curry made with fresh (i.e. unsteamed and unsalted) pla thu (Rastrelliger brachysoma).

The version in the image was made at a southern Thai restaurant.





Kaeng chaom.JPGKaeng cha-om


North A northern Thai curry with cha-om (the young leaves of the Acacia pennata) and dried fish.

This particular version also contained a mix of different types of mushroom.







Kaeng fak sai kai.JPGKaeng fak sai kai


 North A northern Thai curry made with winter melon and chicken.

It is also known under the name kaeng fak khio.







Kaeng dok salae.jpgKaeng dok salae


North A northern Thai curry that is made from the unopened flower buds of the shrub Broussonetia kurzii (J. D. Hooker) Corner.

These flower buds are available in northern Thailand only from mid-February until late March.







Kaeng hangle.jpgKaeng hangle


North A Burmese influenced curry of stewed meat (usually pork), peanuts, dried chillies and tamarind juice but without coconut milk.

Thin strips of fresh ginger are added in before serving.









Kaeng het.jpgKaeng het


North A northern Thai curry made with pork and a variety of mushrooms.







Kaeng ho.jpgKaeng ho


North A Northern Thai dish where one or more types of curry are refried with glass noodles and other ingredients such as kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and bamboo shoots.

At least one of the curries used in this recipe should be the Northern Thai pork curry called kaeng hangle.




Kaeng kari kai.JPGKaeng kari


Yellow curry

It is a Thai-Muslim dish which is mostly known in the West as “Thai yellow curry“.

It is of Indian origin and is often made with chicken and potatoes.

It can also be made with other meats or seafood.








Kaeng khae-963.JPGKaeng khae


North A spicy curry of herbs, vegetables, cha-om leaves (a kind of acacia tree), and meat (chicken, water buffalo, pork or frog).

It does not contain any coconut milk.





Kaeng kanun CM.jpgKaeng khanun


North A northern Thai curry made with boiled whole jackfruit, pork, tomatoes and chopped chakhan (Piper interruptum; “pepper vine“).







Thai green chicken curry and roti.jpgKaeng khiao wan


Green curry

A coconut curry made with fresh green chillies and flavoured with Thai basil, usually with chicken (kaeng khiao wan kai) or fish balls (kaeng khiao wan luk chin pla).



Kaeng khilek.jpgKaeng khilek


This creamy curry has as its main ingredient the leaves and flower buds of the Senna siamea tree (khilek in Thai).








Kaeng khua het fang.jpgKaeng khua


Central – A type of Thai curry which uses a larger amount of turmeric in the paste than is usually the norm.

A popular preparation is with prawns and pineapple.

This particular version is called kaeng khua het fang (Thai: แกงคั่วเห็ดฟาง): with straw mushrooms.




Kaeng khua mu bai chamuang.JPGKaeng khua mu bai chamuang


Central – A thick central Thai curry with pork and the leaves of chamuang or Garcinia cowa, a tree related to the mangosteen.




Kaeng kradang.jpgKaeng kradang


North –  A pork curry aspic (jelly) from northern Thailand which is eaten cold.







Kaeng lueang.JPGKaeng lueang


 South –  A sour spicy curry that does not contain coconut milk and is yellow in colour due to the use of turmeric, often with fish and vegetables, such as bamboo shoots as in the version in the photo.

In southern Thailand it is called kaeng som but due to it being different from the central Thai kaeng som, it is called kaeng lueang (“yellow curry“) elsewhere.

It should not be confused with what is known as “yellow curry” outside of Thailand.

Kaeng matsaman kai.JPGKaeng matsaman


Massaman curry

South- A thick, Indian style curry containing coconut milk, usually of stewed beef or, as in the image, chicken.

This curry contains roasted dried spices that are rarely found in other Thai curries.





Kaeng om 01.jpgKaeng om


North –  A spicy Lanna “curry” with meat and several kinds of vegetables, and without any coconut milk.

The version shown in the photo is with chicken.




Kaeng phak wan.JPGKaeng pa


Jungle curry

North – Traditionally made with wild boar, most often pork or chicken is used nowadays.

This curry, as most curries from northern Thailand, does not contain coconut milk.





Kaeng phak bung sai pla.jpgKaeng phak bung sai pla


North – A northern Thai curry made with “morning glory” and fish.

This particular version uses catfish.






Kaeng phak kat cho kraduk mu.jpgKaeng phak kat cho kraduk mu


North – A somewhat spicy soup/curry (kaeng) made with cabbage (phak kat cho, a variety of Brassica rapa chinensis) and pork ribs (kraduk mu).

As is usual with Northern Thai “curries“, it does not contain any coconut milk.



Kaeng phak lueat.JPGKaeng phak lueat


North – A northern Thai curry made with the leaves of the Ficus virens.

This version is with pork.










Kaeng phak siangda.jpgKaeng phak siangda


North – A northern Thai curry made with the leaves of the vine Gymnema inodorum and dried fish.

In this particular version, snakehead fish is used.






Kaeng phak wan.JPGKaeng phak wan pa


North – A Northern Thai curry made with the leaves of the woody plant Melientha suavis Pierre, glass noodles and dried fish.







Phanaeng kai.jpgKaeng phanaeng


Phanaeng curry

Central – A so-called dry, Indian influenced coconut curry with beef (phanaeng nuea, Thai: พะแนงเนื้อ), chicken, pork or seafood such as soft shell crab.





Kaeng phet mu.jpgKaeng phet


Red curry

Central – A spicy red curry made with dried chillies, containing coconut milk.

It can be made with different meats, seafood or tofu, in combination with (several types of) eggplant(s) and sometimes other vegetables.

Fresh green peppercorns and Thai basil are often added to enhance the flavour.


Red roast duck curry.jpgKaeng phet pet yang


Red curry with roast duck

Central – Red curry with roast duck is the quintessential mix of the Thai (red curry) and Chinese (red roast duck) cuisines.

This dish often also contains grapes and/or pineapple.



Kaeng pli.jpgKaeng pli


North – A northern Thai curry made with chopped banana flower and pork.









Kaeng som chaom thot.jpgKaeng som


Central – A hot and sour Thai curry/soup made with tamarind paste and fish (often pla chon [“Snakehead fish“]).

Kaeng som cha-om thot (Thai: แกงส้มชะอมทอด) is a version of the dish which features deep-fried cha-om (Acacia leaves) as one of its ingredients.



Kaeng tai pla.JPGKaeng tai pla


South – A thick, spicy vegetable curry made with turmeric, a sauce made from fish innards (tai pla), and shrimp paste, containing roasted fish, bamboo shoots and eggplant.






Kaeng thae pho.jpgKaeng thepho


Central – One of the dishes mentioned in King Rama II’s poem on Thai dishes, it is a central Thai curry originally made with the fatty belly part of the Pangasius Larnaudii (thae pho; shark catfish) but now more often belly pork is used as is the case with the version shown in the photo.

The other main ingredient in this curry is phak bung Chin (Chinese water spinach).





Kaeng tun.jpgKaeng tun


A northern Thai curry made with the stalks of the Colocasia gigantea and (cat)fish.

Colocasia gigantea is called tun (Thai: ตูน) in the northern Thai language and khun (Thai: คูน) in standard Thai.




Kaeng yot maphrao sai kai.JPGKaeng yot maphrao on sai kai


North – A northern Thai curry made with “coconut heart” and chicken.

The taste of “coconut heart” is similar to bamboo shoots but much sweeter.






Kaeng yuak.JPGKaeng yuak


North – A northern Thai curry made with the tender core of the trunk of the banana plant.







Khua kling.JPGKhua kling


South – A very spicy, dry fried curry made with chopped meat (usually beef, chicken, pork or lamb) served with a large amount of shredded fresh kaffir lime leaves.




Khua kraduk.JPGKhua kraduk mu


South – A very spicy and, for Thai standards, “dry” curry with pork ribs.

It is a Southern Thai speciality.




Yam chin kai sai hua pli.jpgYam chin kai


North – A curry dish from Northern Thailand containing chicken. The version in the image also contains sliced banana flower.


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