Dear Rak Stars | Permaculture Thailand

Dear Rak Stars,

June 2, 2017


I will do my best to describe the most macro view of the Rak Tamachat plan for the future.

I have discussed some details with all of you, but I hope this will make it transparent for us all.

As all documents are this one is a work in progress so will be updated from time to time as we learn.

I see first all things I do as a continuing opportunity for learning, as such I, we, you will make some mistakes.

Making some mistakes is what life is about, making continually mistakes is what separates the wheat from the chafe. We are the wheat. (Sorry if your gluten free!)

My past life which has allowed Rak Tamchat to happen is not what I want to be known for.

I was a result driven egomaniac, who was solely driven by winning, mostly at all cost. I was not at all against cheating to win. I did well, started from scratch and sold three multinational companies. Spent most of the money on let’s say a non-frugal lifestyle.

Two things changed my life:

  1. Meeting the only person, I have ever met that can control me with only a look, my loving wife.
  2. Finding Permaculture and seeing another way to conduct my life.


I pride myself on a few things:

  1. My beer gut (just kidding, but it is nice ūüôā
  2. I have succeeded at everything, I decided, I wanted to do. I did this through hard work, a willingness to try new things and making and keeping close friends.
  3. Never burning a relationship, business will change and sometimes people need to move on, keeping relationships is more important than business.

That being said:

I call our endeavor W.A.R.

Waging Agricultural Revolution


This is the highest level of my site architecture and the way we structure the new Rak Tamchat Educational Revolution. I like to also call it “Enter the Bubble”, the idea is to run our organization in the least costly way possible, basically bare bones, get your job done, have free time, etc…… This is for self-starters! Dedicated Learners!

I became and am still very frustrated that my teaching can only touch a few people (156 in 2017). Great to support my Permaculture Lifestyle, but not sharing the life-changing knowledge Permaculture offer, as much as I would think is possible today in today’s connected world.

I am not a big IT guy but can realize life is moving that way. The youth have embraced the technology and we need to get on board or get left behind


A great Permaculture Principle, “Creatively Respond to Change“.


I needed to make a decision to stop teaching or to move forward.

Life intervenes at the right times when you are willing to put yourself out there. I think I have found some great assets in YOU.

With your combined talents, we can get the message out to more people in more less fortunate areas of the world.

I see Permaculture and all the sub-disciplines that make up the Permaculture Curriculum as needing to be taught to a larger audience.

Putting our message online at the most affordable prices is my driving motive. Making sure everyone is compensated for their work is a necessity for the good works to keep going.

I also see the need for the information to be given to a lower economic status group. In order to do that we need to rethink the current Permaculture Teaching Model and move into the 21st century.


I see a three-pronged approach to achieve the above aims:

  1. Rak Tamachat Permaculture Institute is an outlet to disseminate free permaculture knowledge through the development of its sub-sites based on the respective disciplines of Permaculture.
  2. Sustainable Agriculture Institute will deliver paid online educational courses through the e-campus LMS.
  3. Permaculture Resource Institute will facilitate Permaculture Curriculum control and award undergraduate and advanced academic degrees.


Holistic Organizational Structure

Our team will develop an organizational structure based on holistic management principles. (A nice circular info-graphic based on TAPO would be great) Thoughtful and Protracted Observation РThe Permaculture Design Process. (A job for Richard!)

I will list the key players now, others will join as we need:

Permaculture and Natural Building – Let us never forget what this is all about, and let it guide our business decisions….

Rak Tamchat Education Institute¬†– The Physical Structures, Campus, Curriculum, Backdrop, Community…….

Sustainable Agriculture Institute – ????????????

Permaculture Resource Institute – ?????????????????

Key Players

  1. Beau – Yank – ¬†Teacher, Head Hippie in Charge, Budding Video Star, Guru, Beeratarian……. (If you can’t make fun of yourself who can you make fund of?)
  2. Lin
  3. Brendan
  4. Pee Chan
  5. Pee Yao
  6. Dear
  7. Tim
  8. Richard¬†– Yank – Graphics Artist based in Bkk, wheres scarfs in Thailand ………
  9. Jason – Kiwi – UX User Experience Designer, Multimedia Content Manager, Rock Climber, Slack Liner enough said ……..
  10. Maxim¬†– Rusky – Webmaster based in Chang Mai, SEO, resident code monkey …………
  11. Alyssa – Yank – Strategic Marketing Guru, makes reports like most of us make emails, always after yoga …….
  12. Nicholas
  13. To Be Confirmed by Beau!


I am very sure that our little en-devour will prove a success. I do not want this to be a traditional business model where the people who made it are left behind, I have worked in and run that model before, not a way to build culture.

We will have share holders and freelance contractors. We will have a dividend scheme for the shareholders and a bonus scheme for our contractors (scheme document to be drawn up formally).

We need to practice what we preach. To that effect, I will be opening a new Rak Tamchat Subdomain called (Maybe Online Business Development)

It will be a online aid for Permaculture Students wanting info on how to start and run an online business / website, the idea being affordable, doable, etc…….

We have no income for the online venture now except for the income from the students of Rak Tamchat.


Rak Tamachat Commitments

  • Beau commits to drive excess income from Rak Tamchat into Sustainable Agriculture Institute¬†the online e-campus wich is maintained through Rak’s cash-flow.
  • Beau commits to creating content for all Rak Subdomains with help from dedicated learners.
  • Beau commits to create¬†Permaculture Resource Institute


We will have a¬†Rak Tamachat Profit Sharing Plan which will encompass all Rak Tamachat Income Streams and also include provisions for our “Primary Freelancers“.

The Plan will be operated in Accordance with the Permaculture Business Practices outlined in chapter 14 of the Permaculture Designer’s Manual.

Documents which will outline the operating procedures for all organizations under the Rak Tamachat Umbrella will outline % based allocation to all areas of operations for easy of operations, transparency, fairness, basically Permaculture Ethical Business Behavior.

We will all have a lot of work to do

I will be making updates to all concerned as needed. I do have big plans for the online courses, I see this as a great opportunity to get our message out to the world.

I know this type of email is not a traditional way to do business, but I hope we will not be the traditional bussiness. We need to be open, transparent, foster communication, give assurance, help each other where needed.

If we all pull together we will reach our goals.

Rak On!

Beau Wickboldt

Founder Rak Tamachat