Welcome to the Rak Tamachat Directions Page.

We hope the below information makes your journey to Rak Tamachat easy. There are a few ways you could travel to Rak Tamachat and all are very interesting. Take some time to review the below options to see which way you would like to come. Remember if you have any questions you can always

Address for the farm:

Attn: Phawarin Wickboldt 

64 M.8  Ban Huai Ta Khaeng Tai, T. Nong Bui Noi, Sikhiu, Nakorn Ratchasima 30140 

Lin Wickboldt: +66 (0)8 6249 5983  – Thai Permaculture Educator (Native Thai and English Speaker)

Please Note:

  • We are a Permaculture Education Institute which focuses on the education of our students and not open to the general public for tours. Please out of respect for students who are taking their course contact us before showing up unannounced. 

The first thing we recommend is to take a look at the below maps and get your bearings of where Rak Tamachat is located in Thailand. We are approximately 3 hrs by car from Bangkok, 3 1/2 hrs by bus with a 30 min journey from Sikhiu (the nearest town) or five hrs by train to Sikhiu and the 30-minute ride from Sikhiu.


Map of the countries showing Thailand in South East Asia



Map of Thailand showing the different provenience of Thailand, Rak Tamachat is located in the North East which is in Green, we are located in Nakorn Ratchasima which is the large provenience in the bottom left corner of the green region. Nakorn Ratchasima’s nickname is “Korat”, it is known as the gateway to “Issan” the North East of Thailand.




Map showing the Province of Nakorn Ratchasima, Rak Tamachat is just outside of Sikhiu, which is next to the 2 in the white box.


You can find your way by using the above map.


Directions from Bangkok to Sikhiu

  • Go to the Mo Chit bus station (the north bus station).

(If coming from the Airport: Take the Airport link train to BTS Thai (last stop) and then the green metro to Mo Chit Terminal.)

Mo Chit Terminal (train station) is several km away from Mo Chit Bus station. You can take a motorcycle (60 Baht) or a taxi at the base of the sky train to the station.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi right to Mo Chit Bus station.

  • The ticket window for buses going to the Isaan region of Thailand (North East) is on the 3rd floor of the bus station. The taxi may have dropped you off at that level otherwise take the elevator to the 3rd floor.
  • Ticket windows 40, 49, 50, 52 or 53 all sell tickets to Si Khiu. The ticket for the express (VIP) bus us just about 220 baht. If you find a cheaper price be ready for a slower trip, as it will stop more often. There will be many people around (directing), clueless travelers, just tell them you want to go to Korat and they will direct you to the windows, just make sure you get the bus you want, express or slow. Make sure to buy a ticket to Si Khiu, not Korat to save you money.
  • Once you have purchased your ticket they should direct you to the bus stop number 70 (this may change though, so check) and tell you how long it will be until the bus arrives. They generally leave every 30 min. It will be a 3 – 3.5 hr trip with the express bus.
  • It could be up to 5 hrs on the cheaper bus.
  • Also, take note of the express bus has a toilet and the slower does not!
  • People will direct you to the correct bus if you show them your ticket.
  • Once you are down the stairs to the bus level just show them your ticket and say “Si Khiu (CQ)” and they will load any big luggage under the bus. Ask the driver’s assistant to tell you when you arrive at Sikhiu, which he/she will probably do anyway as your a foreigner. You will most likely be the only foreigner on the bus, and they generally are very thoughtful and helpful, but best to always ask, just in case.


Directions from Sikhiu to the farm

There are a few ways to get to the farm when you arrive in Si Khiu. You most likely will arrive by bus or train.

By Bus:

Rak Tamachat Directions images 018

Picture of Bus Stop

Please Note: If coming from Korat (Nakorn Ratchasima) then you will have to cross over the pedestrian bridge to the Sikhiu side of the highway.

Picture of the bus-stop from Korat and to Bangkok with Pedestrian bridge Below.

Rak Tamachat Directions images 019


There are a few price options to get to the farm.

We recommend that once you get off the bus that you take the “song-tail” (pick-up truck Taxi) or “sidecar” (motorcycle taxi).


Rak Tamachat Directions images 021

Song-tale stop on the right-hand side after the pedestrian bridge crossing.


 They are all parked on the side of the road, you can’t miss them.

At this point you have a few options:


1. Take the Song Tale to the farm directly. It cost 400 (Day Time – 5:00pm) 500 (Night Time) Baht (Ok to haggle with driver).

2. Take a Song Tale to the Market in Sikhiu for 20 Baht. Then get a ssidecarmotorcycle directly to the farm for 250 – 300 baht. (Ok to haggle with driver)

The name of the farm is Rak Tamachat located at “Ban Huai Ta Khaeng Tai” village (25K) away.

Please Note: If you talk to a driver who acts as if he does not know our farm or the name of the village, best to ask another who does!


3. Directions by Car or Bike

When coming you want to get to Hwy 2 which is a large road running from Bangkok all the way to Laos. It is the main highway that goes through Korat (Nakorn Ratchasima) you can see it on the below map, it is the main road designated by the white box with the number 2.



Coming from Bangkok it is 160 km to Sikhiu. Coming from Korat it is 47 km until you arrive at Sikhiu. If coming from Bangkok you have the option of turning onto Hwy 201 or going 2 km further and going through Sikhiu town. If taking the 201 highway (thus bypassing Sikhiu) then you want to ignore the signs for Sikhiu and take the left turn to the 201 which has a sign that reads Chaiyaphum.

After turning left off of hwy 2 onto hwy 201 heading north towards Chaiyaphum (you will need to still ignore the signs to Sikhiu)

Stay straight on Hwy 201 for 15.8 km

Watch for a yellow “cow crossing” sign on the left and just after on the right is a double blue sing in Thai.

There is a large archway over the road saying “Welcome to Nong Bui Noi”, you will need to go to the next u-turn as there is a median and come back to the village entrance.


Rak Tamachat Directions images 007

There is also a red roofed bus stop at this turn (but it is difficult to see till you get right there).


Rak Tamachat Directions images 006

Continue on this road. After about 1.2 km you enter a village. Stay straight through the village. The road curves to the right near a temple. 


Rak Tamachat Directions images 005

When you come to the T in the road, take a left.


Rak Tamachat Directions images 003 

This road will wind you around and turn into a dirt road after a km.

In about 4 km you will hit another T in the road.


Rak Tamachat Directions images 002

Take a right at the T.

In 0.3 km, turn left into the gate of Rak Tamachat, the drive is lined with Rain Trees.


Rak Tamachat Directions images 001

Congratulations you made it to Rak Tamachat!





Address for the farm:

Attn: Phawarin Wickboldt 

64 M.8  Ban Huai Ta Khaeng Tai, T. Nong Bui Noi, Sikhiu, Nakorn Ratchasima 30140 

Lin Wickboldt: +66 (0)8 6249 5983  – Thai Permaculture Educator (Native Thai and English Speaker)



Words you will need for traveling:

  • Sikhiu – Sikhiu on road signs, Sikhiu on Google. (Pronounced See Kieu or like the letters CQ) This is the nearest town to Rak Tamachat about 30 km away. You will ask for bus or train tickets to this town, but make sure it is on the way to Korat, Nakhorn Ratchasima, because there are other places in Thailand with similar sounding names and your pronunciation may not be clear to all Thai but with Korat you will get the right ticket.
  • Nakhon Ratchasima  (Korat) – This is the largest city next to Rak Tamachat, about 1 hr away. Ticketing offices may ask if you mean the Sikhiu near Korat. Nakhon Ratchasima is also the capital of the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, ticketing offices may also ask if your traveling to this province.
  • Ban Huai Ta Khaeng Tai, Village – The village is approx 800 meters from Rak Tamachat.
  • Rak Tamachat – The final destination.