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Communal Cooking at Rak Tamachat


Here at Rak Tamachat Natural Living Education Center in Thailand our lives revolve around two main things, gardening and cooking. We love to grow our own food and we love to cook it!  

That’s what we do as Communal Cooking is a major part of our Natural Living lifestyle.  The large Communal Kitchen at Rak Tamachat is where people express their culinary expertise.  

The kitchen was custom designed with large communal cooking in mind, lots of people sharing in the work (love) of cooking. It’s not your average home kitchen because it is supporting a large community. It is great to have people show off their talent by creating delicious dishes from their home country. 

Everyone takes part in some aspect of preparing meals whether it is wandering the gardens for ingredients, prepping food, making sauces, cooking at the stoves, setting the table, or cleaning up at the end. We all become part of the community when we help each other.

The camaraderie in the kitchen is some of the best times had at Rak Tamachat. If you want to show off your skills then our kitchen is the place to be, we love experimenting and creating new and exciting dishes to share with our friends and family.

We like to create and eat delicious meals from the fruits of our labor with our friends and family. We like to make natural food products for our enjoyment, economic saving, and honestly, we think they are better naturally. 

Some of the products we are regularly making include homemade kimchi, pickles, jellies, cheese, tofu, dehydrated snacks, long-term sauces and dressings, and salads made from the fruit from the farm with love, and many others………. 

Our lifestyle values diversity and personal choices and our kitchen reflects this. We have Raw-food, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant people as guests all the time; we strive to accommodate food sensitivities, however you should inform us about your dietary needs and we may advise that you bring specialty snacks as we live far away from any major cities and we may not have access to certain food items.

Keeping snacks in the tropics is very hard, therefore flexibility and open-mindedness is highly advised.  All efforts are made to get locally grown chemical-free foods. We always have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand so going hungry is never an issue.

Trying to find different ways to cook or preserve a bountiful harvest is our major issue. But, this is part of the fun of growing so much food. Experimenting in the kitchen is some of the best times we have and we all enjoy the beautiful Rak Tamachat kitchen immensely.


Waste = Food


We believe, like any Permaculturalist should, that waste=food. In our kitchen, we practice this Cradle to Cradle thinking taught by Michael Braungart and William McDonough, quite literally.

WASTE=FOOD! 1. homemade wine made from watermelon, cinnamon, roselle, ginger, and chili 2. excess watermelon rinds used for sweet pickling 3. after straining fruit from wine making process, use to make juice, 4. jam, 5. fruit leather, 6. and granola!

This picture above shows just one example of the many ways we create a closed loop kitchen.

1. homemade wine made from watermelon, cinnamon, roselle, ginger, and chili

2. excess watermelon rinds used for sweet pickling

3. after straining fruit from wine making process, use to make juice,

4. jam,

5. fruit leather,

6. and granola!


The Heart Rak Café


To get your caffeine fix, we offer an excellent Arabica coffee from plantations in Northern Thailand.  Smoothies are blended using seasonal fruits grown on the farm.  You can even use the bicycle blender if you want to expend some of your own pedal power!


Al Fresco Dining


Enjoy Thai fusion, buffet-style cuisine from our Communal Kitchen.  Eat outside, relax with friends, and soak up the ambiance as the birds and dragonflies zip by traveling on the cool breeze from the pond, natural living at its best, the way we were meant to eat.  The Al Fresco Dining Area is a unique, comfortable eating area.  The tables are made from reclaimed teak wood. All of the benches and chairs are made from bamboo and have Thai cushions.  The under-story ceiling is constructed from reclaimed, rusted, corrugated metal, a great use of scrapped materials to demonstrate up-cycling.

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Pizza Oven


The adobe, wood-burning Pizza Oven takes center stage when we fire it up for a night of culinary creativity as everyone gets involved in the build-your-own pizza making process.  The event is always accompanied by fun and laughter that carries on late into the night.

Adobe Oven SOP Stillframe-001

Our Beautiful Homemade Adobe Pizza Oven


35-20131018_212548IMG_2745  34-20131018_212536 IMG_2750



We occasionally have a barbecue at Rak Tamachat as we are an integrated farm and humanely raise livestock for consumption. We respect the dietary choices of vegetarians and grill sweet corn from our garden when in season and vegetable shish-kabobs as well.  In addition to having a traditional, western barbecue, you will find a rocket stove, a Thai, clay barbecue, and a smoker.  The shining star of our barbecue collection is a Thai traditional, double-burner rocket stove that was rescued from a second-hand salvage yard.