Welcome to Rak Tamachat Permaculture Education Center

Thailand´s Premiere Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center

Rak Tamachat Education Center, Promoting a sustainable lifestyle and holistic living in Thailand. Is proud to offer Permaculture Design Courses (PDC’s) ad Natural Building Workshops.

We owe our beginnings to a special group of Permaculturists. They “Paid It Forward” to make Rak Tamachat a reality.

No praise is enough to thank them. The world only needs more Permaculturists!

Rak Tamachat crazies

Rak Tamachat Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center is a broad scale Permaculture farm, located in rural Northeast Thailand. Rak Tamachat means “Love Natural” in Thai.  We feel our name sums up our Thai lifestyle in the simplest form for both international and local Thais to understand.  We follow both Permaculture principles & ethics, and the King of Thailand’s “Sufficiency of Economy Theory”.  We practice Permaculture on a broad scale all the while striving to integrated animal systems into our Permaculture Design. We have a Core Community of Thais and Westerners living and working together on the farm to make the transition from a monoculture rice and corn farm to an Integrated Dynamic Permaculture Farm. The transition from a destructive farming system to a holistic systems is the basis for our Permaculture and Natural Building Education Center. We strive to educate anyone who comes to the farm be it a student, guest, a day visitor, or a Thai member of our local village.  We believe in “PAY IT FORWARD” to make the changes you want to see in the world. We work to do this every day with our choices and actions. The large farm and daily operations and transition give us the perfect classroom environment to educate others on how the transition from a monoculture to a sustainable “Permanent Agriculture” is done. We like to think of this as “Our style of Permaculture”, we value diversity and love to know that there are so many other successful prospering examples of Permaculture ranging over and infinite scale from balcony gardens to thousand acre farms. Rak Tamachat is comprised of 75 acres; supporting 13 full time community members and hosting guest and students year round. Our average  community population is around 20 but goes up and down with the seasons. Our facilities have been designed based on Permaculture principles to deal with our large community. We aim to spread communal living, learning, and earning with local Thais who live off of subsistence farming. We would love to share our lifestyle with you and hopefully help open your horizons to what is possible, when people live and work together in harmony with guiding Ethics and Principles and a common goal.

The Rak Tamachat Lifestyle

Our lifestyle is actually quite simple.  We don’t believe life needs to be complicated. Our typical day involves communally working in the gardens in the mornings, communally cooking the harvest at meal times, and relaxing after a rewarding days work. At Rak Tamachat we work every day to make the lifestyle we want a reality.  Yes, you can live in Natural Buildings surrounded by gardens, not eat chemicals, grow your own food, work with your friends and share meals and entertainment with them without ever leaving your home or more importantly spending huge amounts of money. We wake up every morning fresh with the hunger to do our work for our daily bread, or in our case fruits and vegetables, though we still love baking bread in our pizza oven. We enjoy many things and as a varied group of international people and local Thais we have the blessing of learning new things from our everyone who walks through our door. We love to explore the many flavors and ways cooking can enrich our lives. We like to say, you can save it, plant it, grow it, harvest it, cook it, eat it, ferment it, and make fertilizer (the cycle of life). We understand this simple principle and structure our lives around it; it governs most of what we do. From saving seeds, making gardens, cooking our meals, sharing them and finally returning the nutrients to the gardens through our composting toilets. We have truly found the secret to life, the one that the corporations don’t want you to know, you can do it yourself! But we have found that working alone is very hard and working with a community is a much better way to make the work fun, we like to think that work is play. If it is not fun than we are doing something wrong, with this guiding our lives it truly makes for a wonderful and rewarding life.

  • We enjoy sharing our meals communally with our family and friends;
  • We enjoy kicking back together after a fulfilling days work;
  • We enjoy the sense of accomplishment we feel after a successful days work with our friends;
  • We enjoy sharing the joys of work on a shared goal which will enrich our community with our friends;
  • We enjoy sharing our lives with others;
  • We enjoy sharing our knowledge and learning from others.

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If you like our beliefs and lifestyle and want to learn more about how Permaculture and Natural Building can change your life check out our Course Offerings below!

PDC COURSES (Permaculture Design Certificate)

Rak Tamachat Natural Living Education Center in beautiful Thailand is proud to host Natural Building and Permaculture Design Certificate Courses. We are happy to share our knowledge, skills, and lifestyle with others. Our PDC (Permaculture Designers Certificate) course is a full 72 hour course as prescribed by Bill Mollison the founder of Permaculture. The course curriculum will be based upon the Permaculture Designers Manual. At Rak Tamachat we hold our PDC’s over three weeks. We feel this gives the students the optimal time to adsorb the teachings of Permaculture and also assimilate into the communal living environment. We understand that it is not easy to let go of the brainwashing of our consumer economy and live in a frugal lifestyle. We work hard to make an environment conducive to allowing the acceptance of our learning through the easy lifestyles we enjoy. The course will be held at the Rak Tamachat Farm and we have the luxury of staying and learning in custom designed education facilities. Our course is split into hands-on action learning in the mornings and classroom instruction in the afternoons. We feel that learning from lecture only is not the only way to learn and that learning from getting your hands in the dirt “so to say” brings the teachings to a more embraceable level. At the end of the day we are teaching by doing! We take the fear away from the Permaculture Lifestyle by showing all the tools and techniques you will need to succeed in your future lifestyle are easy and fun! We all need to start doing to make the world a better place.At Rak Tamachat that is our main focus. Showing you the tools and techniques you will need to make your world a better place is what we do. Upon the completion of the course you will be presented with a fully certified “Permaculture Design Certificate”, which entitles you the rights to practice Permaculture and use the name “Permaculture” and teach the course to others if you desire. You could also use the new skills you will learn to go on to open your own business providing Permaculture Master Plans to others.


Here at Rak Tamachat we have been focused for many years on studying the simplest practices and elements of Natural Building and crafting better ways to take the earth beneath our feet and turn it into beautiful, lasting and inexpensive buildings. We feel that for Natural Building to move forward and become the only accepted standard of building we will have to look to and practice innovative natural building techniques. We currently practice and teach three of the most promising techniques for making the most real world impact to changing our destructive non-natural building practices. We look at the total energy audit of a building to make our decisions about what is the right material to use in which situation. We understand and teach our students how they can decide what is best for their environment and we always promote the absolute non practice of taking out a mortgage to make our habitats. At Rak Tamachat we teach in our one week Natural Building Course all the steeps you will need to make Natural Building out of:

  • CEB – Commpressed Earth Blocks
  • PIPA  – Poured In Place Adobe
  • SA – Super Adobe / Earth Bag Dome Building

Please Note: At Rak Tamachat we are not looking for students to be workers to build out our facilities, we are already a fully built out Education Center. We teach our natural building to show the techniques you need to build your house, not to use you as labour! Permaculture practices design techniques which allow for the focused study of the area and environment surrounding a building. We are looking for ways to design a system that not only further supports the inhabitants of these beautiful and functional structures, but also cares for the total environment. What could be better than surrounding yourself with beauty while living in a natural building? Through Permaculture design we will also discover how we can extract food, fiber, fuel, beauty and community from the very same elements that create our natural buildings, it’s by bringing it all together and working with the interconnected systems that we will be able to create the sustainable environment we are all searching for. Permaculture has the answers and we hope we will be able to share and teach with you. A natural building involves a range of building systems and materials that place major emphasis on sustainability. Ways of achieving sustainability through natural building focus on durability and the use of minimally processed, plentiful or renewable resources, as well as those that, while recycled or salvaged, produce healthy living environments and maintain indoor air quality. Natural building tends to rely on human labor, more than technology. As Michael G. Smith observes, it depends on “local ecology, geology and climate; on the character of the particular building site, and on the needs and personalities of the builders and users.” The basis of natural building is the need to lessen the environmental impact of buildings and other supporting systems, without sacrificing comfort, health or aesthetics. To be more sustainable, natural building uses primarily abundantly available, renewable, reused or recycled materials. The use of rapidly renewable materials is increasingly a focus. In addition to relying on natural building materials, the emphasis on the architectural design is heightened. The orientation of a building, the utilization of local climate and site conditions, the emphasis on natural ventilation through design, fundamentally lessen operational costs and positively impact the environmental. Building compactly and minimizing the ecological footprint is common, as are on-site handling of energy acquisition, on-site water capture, alternate sewage treatment and water reuse.


Who We Are

At Rak Tamachat we like to grow our own food free of chemicals.  We like to raise our animals humanely.  We look at our animal systems in the same way we look at our gardens.  We get sustenance and a yield from both and believe that there are cycles that connect the animals with the land. These cycles are connected and give us the organic fertilizers we need to make or garden prosper. We believe these integrated systems allow us to close the loops and make our gardens as dynamic as possible.  One system’s waste fuels another and cycles keep repeating. Through observation we are able to help them along and create more abundance. We have an independent Nursery building for giving or seedlings, juvenile plants, and young trees the head start that they deserve before planting in the gardens or across the farm.  At the Nursery, we also make our special blend potting soil and practice Seed Saving of mainly Thai acclimatized seeds. For a more in depth look at Communal Gardening at Rak Tamachat.

Communal Cooking

We like to create and eat delicious meals from the fruits of our labor with our friends and family. We like to make natural food products for our enjoyment, economic saving, and honestly, we think they are better naturally.  Some of the products we make include homemade wines, kimchi, kombucha, pickles, jellies, cheese, tofu, dehydrated snacks, long-term sauces and dressings, and smoothies made from the fruit from the farm with love on our bicycle blender.  Our lifestyle values diversity and personal choices and our kitchen reflects this. We have Raw-food, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant guest all the time; we strive to accommodate food sensitivities, however, you should inform us about your dietary needs and we may advise that you bring specialty snacks as we live far away from any major cities and we may not have access to certain food items . Keeping snacks in the tropics is very hard, therefore flexibility and open-mindedness is highly advised.  All efforts are made to get locally grown chemical-free foods. We always have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables on hand so going hungry is never an issue. Trying to find different ways to cook or preserve bountiful harvest is our major issue. But, this is the fun of growing food, experimenting in the kitchen is some of the best times we have and we all enjoy the beautiful Rak Tamachat kitchen immensely. For a more in depth look at Communal Cooking at Rak Tamachat.

Communal Living

Once you make the lifestyle you want a reality you free up your time for the things that really matter, relaxing with your friends, sharing good food, discussing life while we wait for the trees to grow!!!! We enjoy spending our time:

  • Having Pizza parties in our adobe oven
  • Making Natural Products
  • Seed saving
  • Playing Cards and games together
  • Playing a relaxing game of pool
  • Enjoying homemade wines and beer together.
  • Swimming in the Pond
  • Bar-b-que’s (Both Thai and Western Styles)
  • Day Trips to local attractions
  • Reading in the Library
  • Watching movies for education and entertainment
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Practicing Meditation
  • Going for runs around the rice fields and local villages
  • Biking around the local villages
  • Playing drums and music together
  • Just discussing life while we wait for our seed to grow

Natural Homemade Products

We really like to make soaps, mosquito repellents, organic fertilizers and pesticides, If you would like to learn any of these skills, read further to see if our lifestyle is a good fit for your personal motivations. For a more in depth look at the wide assortment of Natural Products we make at Rak Tamachat.

Fair Share and Equality

We believe and practice many Permaculture principles associated with communal living such as; communal cooking, communal gardening times, communal cleaning of common areas, but especially Fair Share and Equal Value. Put simply, Equal Value means that we value everyone’s work equally. On any given day at Rak Tamachat you may find instructors teaching in the classroom,  people working in the garden, community members creating delicious meals in the kitchen, students constructing natural buildings, managers or interns conducting email correspondence, or Thai members of our farm community involved in daily farm and family tasks.  In all honesty, we learn about gardening, building, and farm lifestyle from our Thai family members just as much as we would by practicing solely on theory learned from books or trial and error. When we have questions about how or if something will grow under certain soil and climate conditions, we always seek out our Thai brothers and sisters for advice.

Sharing is Caring

We care about all people and want to share our lives and good fortunes with others. We hope this will allow you to make an educated decision about your future and ensure that the Rak Tamachat Natural Living Education Center is right choice for you.

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Sincerely, The Rak Tamachat Family